8 reasons why Jane Beale needs to return to EastEnders

After our hopes were raised that Jane Beale was on her way back to Walford, they were cruelly dashed by tonight’s EastEnders. Monday’s (August 20) visit to Albert Square saw Jane send her apologies after being invited to the grand opening of Walford East.

It’s been 10 months since Jane was driven out of town by mean old Max, and even the scriptwriters seem to have forgotten about her existence most of the time, which is baffling given how important she’s been to the soap in the past.

But could the mention of her name in the last couple of episodes be a heavy hint that Jane is on her way back?

Actress Laurie Brett took to Twitter in June, refusing to confirm or deny questions about her character’s return, instead teasing her followers with the classic ‘you never know’ response. But we think the time is now right for Jane to show her face, and here are eight reasons why…

1. To bring the Beales back to life

EastEnders‘ first family are in desperate need of a resurgence. Three years ago there was a full house at Number 45, and now we’ve only got Ian and Kathy kicking about the place. The Beales are an integral part of the soap, being at the heart of many of its most memorable and major plots, so it’s not right having them sat out on the subs bench.

One way to get the clan back in the game is to have a faaamily reunion. Reintroduce the matriarch, first, then the rest will surely follow. Who else is craving the return of Peter and his impressive abs, and would love to see him reunite with Lauren and Louie?

Cindy Jr was never used to her full potential so definitely deserves a second chance, too. And there’ll always be a place at the dinner table for a certain mini-murderer…

2. So she can sort Ian out

Ian didn’t just lose his missus the day Jane left Walford, he also lost his likeability. We’re sorry to say it, but the Beale businessman has turned into a bit of a tool in the last few months. He’s made no effort to track down the love of his life, instead choosing to spend his time making eyes at Mel, the ex-wife who ditched him as Big Ben brought us into the Millennium.

‘Middle-aged sleaze’ is not a good look for Ian, and since he’s got zero chance of scoring with Mel (soz, mate, but it’s true), ‘Enders need to bring back the only woman he really belongs with.

Ian might make out he’s over Jane, but we guarantee her coming home would put a stop his perving over poor Mel. For better or worse, those two are soulmates, and we want to see them reunited and running Walford East together.

3. The war with Max is over

Jane fled London in fear of her life over Max’s dark threats, but now his duplicity has been exposed to everyone, there’s no real reason why Jane can’t come out of hiding. She has nothing to be afraid of any more. The bad boy Branning has already taken revenge on the Beales for framing him for Lucy’s murder, and Jane more than paid her penance for her acts of stupidity.

Whilst we can’t imagine Max hanging up bunting to welcome her home, we actually suspect he’s got more pressing things on his to-do list right now than tormenting Jane. If the Square is big enough for Max and Ian to co-exist in, then Jane’s presence is unlikely to reignite any old flames of fury.

4. If Jane returns, Tanya and Christian might too

Now there’s a thought!

Jane and her BFF have been supporting one another through their troubles off-screen, but we haven’t had the pleasure of seeing them share the screen together since the ‘How’s Adam?’ incident.

A full time return for Tan does seem unlikely (as much as we’d like it to happen), but the odds of the occasional visit are significantly increased with her greatest mate living there, especially if Lauren relocated back too.

And how great would it be if Christian (and Syed, obvs) moved home to E20 to be close to his big sister once more? Their sibling bond was always one of the strongest in Walford, so it would make perfect sense.

5. It’s time to get Bobby out of jail

In June 2016, Bobby was sentenced to three years in the slammer for killing Lucy, and bludgeoning Jane to near-death with a hockey stick. Since the majority of offenders only serve half of their term, that might mean his release from prison is imminent.

With Kate Oates about to take the reins, we wouldn’t be surprised if a recast was on the cards too (you know the drill – a character returns after a couple of years away suddenly looking a decade older).

For maximum dramatic effect, we think that Jane needs to there for her killer son’s explosive comeback, so we can see how the Beales can live together again after everything that’s happened. Plus, Bobby was always closest to his mum, so their relationship is one the audience will be wanting to revisit.

6. To rejoin the Walford women

Before her life took a dark turn and she didn’t have to concentrate her efforts on concealing a murderer, Jane was actually really good fun. Time away has hopefully allowed Mrs B to rediscover her mojo, and made her want to reconnect with her circle of female friends back in London. We’d love to see her, Sharon, Linda, Denise and co having a good old cackle together.

And there’s a chance for Jane to make new mates too. Instead of going down the clichéd route of making her and Mel enemies, just because they both happen to have been married to the same man, why not have them bond and become proper pals instead?

7. A spicy fling with Mas

What woman can resist the amorous Ahmed? The former postie might have turned his attentions towards Kathy (much to Ian’s horror, and our delight), but there’s always been something there between him and Jane. Being married to Ian can’t be the most thrilling thing in the world, so we can forgive her for having an affair here and there.

If the ‘Enders writers opted against a romance between Jane and Masood that’s fine too, because we really value their friendship. Plus, Jane acting as the voice of reason might put a stop to all the recent buffoonery between Ian and his business partner.

8. Kate Oates will be in charge

This is the genius who took Emmerdale right to the top, and brought Corrie back to its former glory, so we have very high hopes for what Kate Oates can bring to EastEnders when she becomes the soap’s new Senior Executive Producer in October.

Kate is a woman who respects a show’s roots, so rebuilding the Beales is likely to be high on her agenda, and bringing back a fan fave like Jane would be a cracking way to kick start her new era.

Kate’s previous approach has been to keep fans on the edge of their seats with fast-paced, thrilling plots that cleverly feed into one another. What a shame it would be not to have Jane in the thick of it all. Just think of all the possibilities. If you’re reading this, Laurie, please come home… we all need Jane Beale back in our lives.

EastEnders airs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One.

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