Absolutely Ascot's cast revealed in full from a gypsy boxer to Princess impersonator – and none of them actually live there

But they have sparked controversy even before filming has wrapped — as NONE of the future celebs are thought to live in the upmarket, Royal county town.

The stars, who are expected to become household names over the coming months, actually hail from Essex and David Brent's Slough — leaving locals fuming.

One resident speaking to The Sun Online branded them "chavs" while another said: "If they aren't from Ascot then it's not authentic."

A TV crew was spotted in Ascot this week and local businesses confirmed to The Sun Online they had served a number of the stars — and that none were from the area.

One staff member at a restaurant said: "We know they aren't from Ascot, but places like Virginia Water and Windlesham in Surrey."

Despite the uproar, the show has already caught the imagination of the public and The Sun Online can now reveal a number of the soon-to-be TV favourites.

Photos from filming have shown a group of young people in and around Ascot — often in glamorous clothing.

Much like Towie and The Real Housewives of Cheshire, the ITV show will follow rich residents around the town and join them on nights out.

But not all of the cast are new to the world of TV.

The Millionaire Gypsy Boxer

Millionaire Alfie Best has already found telly fame, starring in Channel 4's My Big Fat Gypsy Fortune with his dad Alfie Sr.

The super-featherweight boxer, 20, is the heir to Europe's largest residential park and was filmed splashing his cash for another C4 show, Rich Kids Go Shopping.

In that show, the proud Romany Gypsy boasts about buying his own £550,000 caravan park aged 17 and celebrating by gifting himself a £70,000 BMW motor.

But the Essex lad's high-life has been marred by violence.

Dad Alfie Sr was nearly killed by his son-in-law in a machete attack outside an Italian restaurant in Virginia Water, Essex in April 2016.

Matthew Newland, 25, was jailed for 13 months in October that year for carrying out the "melee", which left Alfie with a fractured skull and deep cuts.

But the younger Alfie will look to leave that behind him as he steps into the limelight again in Absolutely Ascot.

The Make-Up Queen

Alfie will star alongside girlfriend Mia Sully, also from Essex.

The freelance make-up artist, from Grays, posts tutorials on YouTube and takes bookings on social media — where she posts snaps of her beautified clients.

She has been seen filming on location with Alfie — who she cuddles up to in dozens of loved-up pics.

In one pic, she grins as Alfie kisses her on the cheek. Mia wrote: "My baby".

The Social Media Diva

Also among the cast is Courtney Smith, 18, whose family is actually from Braintree in Essex.

Her social media accounts, which have more than 9,000 followers, are filled with bikini shots, snaps from expensive shopping trips and smiling selfies.

Courtney also regular posts pics from the plush Red Bar & Restaurant in Weybridge, Surrey.

In February, she told her followers on Facebook that she finally passed her driving theory test — on the 11th attempt.

Courtney revealed her new TV career to pals on Facebook — posting pics with the caption "filming today".

Answering friends who asked what she was appearing in, she replied: "It's called Absolutely Ascot lol it's coming out in September x".

The Flash Footy Fan

Arsenal fan Samson Lee Smith, who has 2,250 followers on Instagram and lives near Slough, drives a flash Mercedes sports car and boasts about his lavish lifestyle with party pics.

He lives in a £400,000 semi-detached house which he keeps immaculate — because it is a key location for the show.

Neighbour Jyoti Surin, 70, said: "He's a really lovely guy, and the family are very nice. They've lived here about 14 years I think.

"I saw some filming going on around three or four weeks ago."

The Blonde Beautician

He is also seen in gushing couple pics cuddling up to girlfriend Chloe Bowler — another star of the ITV programme.

The beautician gives her home address as Marbella in Spain and advertises her £120 lip filler treatments on Facebook.

But when she's not abroad she lives in a £600,000 house in well-heeled Wraysbury, Surrey.

Her neighbour told The Sun Online: "The family have two chihuahuas. Chloe seems very nice but I don't really know her."

Lustrous-locked Leah

Leah Fletcher, from Staines-Upon-Thames in Surrey, is another Ascot outsider who is set to become a big name in the town.

Known for her stunning hairstyles, Leah posts regularly posts inspirational quotes among her glamorous selfies to her 14,500 followers on Instagram.

The Hunky Love Interest

Leah's boyfriend Henry Simmons has also been seen filming scenes around Ascot — but Leah is said to be worried about his ex being on the show.

A source told The Sun Online that the new couple are "lovely" but nervous Leah is scared about Henry's unknown former flame starring alongside him.

Henry, from Harlow in Essex, is the son of his Rolls-Royce driving housing developer dad – also called Henry – and glam mum Sarah.

He posted shots of him being filmed driving in a luxury £270,000 Lamborghini Aventatdor supercar for the show.

The party-lover also regularly poses for snaps in top nightclubs like Club 195 in Epping, Essex

The Equestrian Starlet

Also believed to be starring in the show is Amber Tucker-Chandler — possibly the only cast member to have roots in Ascot.

Horse-lover Amber has the smallest social media following with 845 people signed up to see her glamorous pics —in which she regularly shows off her blonde curls and plush outfits.

The Singing Princess

And princess impersonator Claudia Smith — sister of Samson Lee — is also believed to have a place in the new show.

The singer, also from Slough, she has been snapped on location and enjoyed a trip to Disneyland Paris this month.

She loves dressing up as Disney stars for kids' parties.

With one selfie showing her as Elsa from Frozen, she tells her Facebook friends: "Waiting to surprise a 2 year-old in Langley for her birthday! Love my job".

Filming for the new has been ongoing over the summer with scenes focusing on local hotspots like the upmarket Ascot Grill restaurant on the High Street.

But their descent on Ascot is being met with opposition from some locals and regular visitors who think they might spoil the public's perception of the town.

And there are concerns the programme could hit property prices. The average house costs more than £800,000.

Evelyn Smith, 82, often stays in the town on trips from her native Scotland.

She said: "There's plenty of local lovelies here, it's a bit off for them to get people from elsewhere in just for the telly."

And Derrie Borrodelle-Brown, 47, said she is not happy about the stars of Absolutely Ascot not being genuine locals.

The local optician said: "How can you bring people in who don't know what it's like to live in Ascot.
"It's a different kind of life here."

And Laurence Wall, 21, has lived in Ascot all his life an does not think that using stars from out of town represents the community properly.

He said: "I don't know why they would do the show here any way, it would be much better for them to do it in Windsor.

"And if the people aren't from Ascot it doesn't represent the town.

"The girls look like they're from TOWIE."

Another man, who did not want to be identified, said it was a sham that they were not using people from Ascot in the show.

He said: "It's a bit of a sham to not use people from Ascot.

"It's not right, it's probably not going to reflect Ascot in its true form. How can it if they aren't from Ascot?"

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