AGT’s Duo Transcend Made Their Trapeze Act Safer for Their Son: 'We Have Someone Counting on Us'

While America’s Got Talent viewers gasped at Mary and Tyce Nielsen of Duo Transcend’s gravity-defying performance, the couple’s son remained unfazed as his father redeemed himself by catching Mary by the ankles.

The husband and wife trapeze team — who regularly bring their 2-year-old son, Jaxx, to watch them rehearse at the gym — shared that becoming parents made them better performers.

“People might be surprised because they see our act now and they think it is dangerous, but we’ve actually stopped doing other tricks that are even more dangerous since we’ve had our child,” Mary told PEOPLE.

During the Judge Cuts round, Jaxx was in the audience as his mother slipped through Tyce’s grip and fell heavily to the floor. As the horrifying stunt gone wrong unfolded, Mary’s mother grabbed the little boy close before covering her face.

“We’re smarter with our decisions — I know it doesn’t look that way because she fell, but we’re smarter and always have a mat. We’re much more clear-headed when we make our decisions because we have someone counting on us. Having him makes us safer, but it also makes us better,” Tyce explained.

While the fall was painful, Mary said, “I’ve had a baby, so that compared to the fall was nothing.”

After the trapeze team successfully redid the trick on Tuesday’s episode, the judges were impressed.

“Hands down, one of the best acts of the night,” judge Heidi Klum said. “I was so worried because the last time you did fall to the ground. It didn’t happen again, it was perfect. It was fantastic.”

Meanwhile, judge Howie Mandel joked: “I’ve been with my wife for 40 years and there’s no way, not even 10 percent, of what [Mary] trusts in you. I was looking forward to you with fear and trepidation to see you redeem yourself from that fall. There’s so much trust, so much passion, so amazing.”

Tyce, who suffers from keratoconus, a progressive eye disease, underwent an operation before the show to prevent having to wait for a corona transplant.

While in town for their AGT audition, the couple went to a doctor in Hollywood who had treated an Olympic athlete with the same disease.

“My vision is the same. I don’t see any better, they have just been able to do a procedure that stops the progression of the disease because it is degenerative—it would have gotten to the point where I would go completely blind. So he was able to stop it where it was at, so I am still legally blind in my right eye and almost to my left. But it isn’t going to process to being blind and I am so grateful for that,” Tyce said.

If the couple proceeds forward in the competition, they fully intend on amplifying their act and reincorporating fire, per Simon Cowell’s suggestion.

“The only reason we didn’t do the fire tonight was because we didn’t want it to look just like our last [routine], so we decided to use some of that video screen. But I mean if they want the fire, we’d love to bring it back” Tyce said.

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