Alaskan Bush People’s Bear Brown reveals huge head gash following ‘an accident’ after ex accuses him of neglecting son – The Sun

ALASKAN Bush People’s Bear Brown has revealed a huge head gash following "an accident".

It comes after his ex Raiven, 22, accused him of neglecting his premature son River.

Bear, 31, posted photos of his wound on Instagram this morning and captioned them: "I had a small accident!"

But his followers shared their concerns, as one replied: "Looks like it will need a stitch or two. That's pretty extreme."

Another said: "Omg that looks painful. Wishing you a speedy recovery."

The accident happened just a day after his ex Raiven Adams, 22, went on a furious rant after seeing the reality star's Instagram post in which he finally admitted he IS the father of newborn River.

His post, which included a picture of her holding their baby, also said he wasn't told about River's arrivale until days after the birth.

The slur sparked rage in the new mom, who claimed she has been "mentally abused for months" and DID try to contact her baby's dad multiple times during labor and after delivery.

Raiven shared text messages she claimed were sent to Bear that begged "Call me."

She captioned the photos: "He doesn't want to know about his son he refused my calls. He refused all my calls to video chat or even know about the baby until Friday …

"The things that happened in that house baffle me and I can't let my son be around that. He uses my son for publicity.

"He made me pack and move multiple times while pregnant with no help for not submitting to him. I played by his rules as long as I could and then I left.

She also shut down trolls' claims she's a gold digger and only dated Bear for money.

She said: "The fact ya'll think I am a money hungry person is funny. I have $30 to my name and this show won't last forever. Child support is to support your child not your handbag collection."

The ABP star and Raiven have shared a tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship but split for the final time this fall.

She previously filed for a restraining order against the reality star in February, claiming he verbally abused her, threatened her with a gun, and used cocaine.

She eventually dropped the order, and Bear denied ever using drugs in a social media post, but did not respond to the other allegations.

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