'Bachelor In Paradise' Fans React To Leo Dottavio's Antics After He Bickers With Kendall Long And Joe Amabile

Fans of ABC’s ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ seemed to be in consensus when it came to the chaos involving Leo Dottavio this week

Leo Dottavio definitely made his mark in Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise this summer and he departed with a bang. Fans first met Leo as he tried to woo Becca Kufrin on The Bachelorette this past spring, and many were excited to see him get another shot at finding love. However, the way he handled his time in Mexico on BIP shocked quite a few viewers. What are they saying about his antics across social media?

Some fans of Bachelor in Paradise had caught wind of some drama involving Leo Dottavio before he popped up on Season 5 this week. As the Inquisitr previously shared, Bekah Martinez of Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Bachelor season shared allegations of sexual misconduct she’d heard about from other women and he threatened to take legal action against her.

Martinez also said that she’s heard some tidbits about what went down with Dottavio during filming for Bachelor in Paradise. She didn’t share specifics, but she suggested that what happened did not reflect positively on Leo’s character. Now that viewers have watched his appearance, it’s not hard to see what she meant.

Kendall Long was initially thrilled to see Leo arrive in Mexico, but things took a turn pretty quickly. Over the course of Monday and Tuesday’s episodes, he blew up at everybody who crossed his path and left in quite the huff. It doesn’t look as though Dottavio has commented on any of this on his social media pages as of yet, but viewers certainly have shared their thoughts on Twitter.

Just wanna say with this ridiculous shirtless pic… that @bkoof was a classy lady and we shared some great moments. Thank you for the journey, you and your man are gonna make some cute babies. #thebachelorette #wheresmyshirt #abc #love #bahamas

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One viewer tweeted that if anybody is curious to see how emotionally abusive, manipulative relationships work, they should take a look at Leo’s behavior on Bachelor in Paradise. Some suspect that the mess with Leo battling with Joe went on for significantly longer than was shown on television, guessing that it was even worse than what viewers saw.

Numerous Bachelor in Paradise viewers pointed out how Leo was an expert in gaslighting, and people seem consistent in hoping that the franchise cuts Dottavio off the invite list for any future projects. Even some franchise veterans have weighed in, with Amanda Stanton tweeting that she wants to know if he got fired from his job at Waterworld before she takes her girls to visit.

Fellow franchise veteran Ashley Spivey had plenty to say on Twitter about Leo too, and in one post she tweeted that he clearly cannot seem to take responsibility for his actions. Neither Kendall or Joe have seemingly tweeted about the Leo mess, but there’s little doubt the topic will be brought up during the upcoming reunion show.

Will Leo Dottavio address any of this via his social media pages, and if so, can he redeem himself? Kendall Long may have doubted whether to stick with Joe Amabile or not leading into this, but this week’s chaos on Bachelor in Paradise involving the couple may well have cemented her commitment to giving this relationship a real shot. Spoilers tease that there’s still more chaos set to play out before Season 5 ends and fans can’t wait to watch.

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