Below Deck’s Wes shares reason Jess romance won’t happen: ‘Unfolded differently’

A dramatic look at Below Deck season 9 preview

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Below Deck sees plenty of the crew clash each season, but one thing fans love is when they hook up. Season nine was no different, especially when Wes O’Dell and Jessica Albert shared an intimate moment on deck. Bravo viewers have been keen to know what happened between the pair following the charter, and O’Dell has finally given them an update.

It looked as though romance was on the cards for Wes O’Dell and Jessica Albert, but O’Dell threw cold water on the idea.

Despite their clear spark at sea, it seems it wasn’t to last after O’Dell shared his thoughts on fans’ questions with Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

O’Dell explained: “I think things would have unfolded in a whole different way if they did not try to do that.

“So we formed a friendship and it was really good. And most likely would have taken off if it wasn’t every single person, which I just found out, literally everybody on the boat was like, ‘Oh yeah, Wes and Jess they need to do something.’”

O’Dell’s comments definitely confirm that there is something there between the two stars, but they remain just friends for now.

However, it seems the “pressure” from his crewmates put a stop to anything blossoming further.

“I think it’s something we both needed at this point of the charter and this point of the season,” O’Dell added.

As the crew is out at sea for several weeks with a camera team tracking their every move, it seems the pair didn’t feel it was the right environment to get intimate.

“Because of the push and because of, you know, the show, things would have unfolded differently,” O’Dell admitted.

However, the star confirmed that they are still close friends to this day and he is open to something more happening in the future.

The deckhand said he wanted to be “cautious” about what he did because of the environment of the show.

He jokingly added that he didn’t want to “get butt naked” on a show that his mother watches.

Of course, the environment of the show wasn’t the only element at play that stopped them from pursuing something further.

The show had to contend with COVID-19 restrictions this season, making the possibility of a date very difficult.

O’Dell added that “because of Covid, it just was very difficult to do something genuine”.

During the filming of season nine, the cast and crew had to remain in social bubbles throughout the entire process.

As such, O’Dell and Albert couldn’t simply go out with their friends and socialise.

Despite the restrictions, O’Dell said he made some amazing friends during his time on the series.

He is still in contact with the crew, especially Albert and chef Rachel Hargrove.

He added that he tries “to reach out to everybody” and see how the team is doing after the charter.

Below Deck is available to watch on Bravo, Hayu and Peacock in the USA. The series is available to watch on Hayu in the UK.

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