Ben Kingsley Already Memorized His Lines in ‘Operation Finale’ Ahead of Table Read

Nick Kroll, who stars alongside the actor in the movie, says the veteran actor never looked at the script once during the table read.

Sir Ben Kingsley inadvertently shamed his Operation Finale co-stars into stepping up their game after arriving at a table read with his lines completely memorised.

Parks and Recreation actor Nick Kroll, who rose to fame as a comedy star, reveals he was stunned by how prepared the British screen icon was for the historical movie, and immediately realised there would be no messing around with Kingsley on set.

Operation Finale, which opens in theatres later this month, chronicles the real life story of the 1960 hunt and capture of former Nazi officer Adolf Eichmann, portrayed onscreen by Kingsley, and the shoot couldn’t have been more different from Kroll’s last film, basketball comedy Uncle Drew, in which he appeared alongside towering sports great Shaquille O’Neal.

“Sir Ben was more intimidating than Shaq…!” Nick laughed. “(Shaq) makes people feel at ease; any room he’s in, he’s an incredibly warm guy… But honestly, to be able to work with two people who have been such incredible legends in their industry was awesome.”

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