‘Big Brother 20’: Sam Tries To Mess With Production By Getting House To Throw Hacker Competition

Sam’s plan was not met with open arms.

Sunday nights episode of Big Brother revealed the Week 6 nominees for eviction, as well as the Hacker Competition twist which threw all the houseguests for a loop. The new twist allowed each houseguest to compete in private to control the game anonymously. The hacker is allowed to remove one houseguest from the block and replace them with a new nominee, pick one person to play in the Veto competition, and nullify one vote during Thursday’s eviction.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Haleigh Broucher was crowned the first hacker of the season and removed Scottie Salton from the block and replaced him with Tyler Crispen.

Unfortunately for Sam Bledsoe, the Hacker Competition didn’t go as she wanted. Before the new twist took place, Sam called a house meeting with a plan up her sleeve. Sam suggested to all her fellow houseguests that they refuse to play in the Hacker Competition and throw it to her. Sam would then refuse to remove anyone from the block, refuse to pick a POV player, and refuse to nullify a vote at evictions.

Basically, Sam would be completely messing with the productions biggest twist so far in BB20, something producers wouldn’t take to lightly. Luckily for the faces behind Big Brother, the rest of the houseguests weren’t too thrilled with Sam’s plan for voiding out the Hacker Competition.

Rockstar noted that meant all the power in the house would be handed over to Sam, and everyone would have to trust her in order for the plan to work. She then noted that she didn’t trust other people in the house, meaning the plan wouldn’t work anyway if no one trusted anyone.

HOH Angela Rummans wasn’t on board with the plan either, along with the rest of the houseguests who remained silent and only offered side-eyed glances during the house meeting.

After the general consensus was met that everyone was going to play for the role of the hacker, Sam threw her hands in the air and decided to let things play out as production had planned.

After Sunday night’s episode aired, it was evident that Sam’s plan would never have worked, to begin with. In order to receive points in the word-jumble competition, three houseguests would have to guess the word correctly before the game would move on. This would make throwing the competition impossible because it required houseguests to participate in the game.

Big Brother airs every Sunday night at 8 p.m. EST, Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST, and Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST.

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