'Big Brother' Blowout: Queen Bayleigh Continues to Demand Total Loyalty From Her Subjects

Head of Household Bayleigh continues to rule with an iron fist, telling people they should be more concerned about her game than their own.

Queen Bay continued her reign of absolute terror on "Big Brother," completely perplexed that anyone would be playing their game in a way that wasn’t all about her.

We get that Bayleigh is the Head of Household right now, but that doesn’t give her the right to threaten other Houseguests, as she did on Sunday’s episode, or demand that they make her game their top priority. That’s an asinine and arrogant expectation that is made only more shocking by the fact that she fully believes it.

We’re not sure if it’s the youth of the cast or just their personalities, but there is a lot of arrogance and pride in the house this summer. And while it can be annoying to watch from home, "BB" seems to be leaning into their casting choices by going full "bro"-themed with many of their challenges.

And yet, the underdogs keep rising to power and keep targeting the "bro"-lliance Level 6. Bayleigh was no different, putting King Bro Brett on the block next to lady-bro Rachel, who has been virtually invisible all game. Wednesday night, Tyler had a close call in his masterful control of the game, while the Power of Veto was back up for grabs.

We’re going to run this season like you’d run a department store. Each product, or Houseguest, may have come in with equal value, but pretty quickly you start to see that certain ones aren’t working. First, you try discounting them to see if they can turn things around and become solid performers again. But if that doesn’t work, it’s time to put them on clearance so you can sell them out (the door). With that said, let’s take a look at our inventory, ranked from our strongest performer to our weakest … after we spotlight a couple of new items in stock.

SPOTLIGHT ITEM: Tyler’s Close Call

Bayleigh may be the current queen of the household, but Tyler’s reign has been going strong since Week 1. Everyone thinks he is loyal to them and no one is aware of any of his other loyalties. On top of that, they think he’s dim-but-sweet, when he’s proving a master strategist. This week, after nabbing the Power of Veto, he considered using it to save on of his alliance members and came up with a brilliant ploy to pull it off.

He’d already promised not to use it, and Bayleigh has no idea about Level 6. He also wanted to make sure she wouldn’t target another alliance member, so he threw out an epic red herring by simply declaring that he thinks Scottie might be his best friend in the house. His strategy was to set Bayleigh up so if he did use the Veto, she could "punish" him by targeting his "best friend," little knowing she would be playing right into his hand.

What saved his butt on that one, though, was nominee Rachel blabbing to Angela about Bayleigh’s power. Bayleigh’s Power App allows her to select the two nominees for eviction, even if she’s not HOH. Angela told Tyler, and with this knowledge revealing the risk of securing her wrath, Tyler kept the nominations the same. That move could have saved his game, as Bayleigh has proven her anger leads the way.

SPOTLIGHT ITEM: Bayleigh’s World

Bayleigh has been running the house this week by systematically declaring that each Houseguest is pissing her off, and then acting accordingly. She is seemingly triggered by absolutely everything, and has this ridiculous notion that everyone should basically just hand the game to her. Independent thought pisses her off. Having your own strategy pisses her off.

She tore into Rachel — who she put on the block! — for daring to think about her own game, and laid into Faysal because he apparently hurt her pride by lobbying to protect JC from the block. Meanhwhile, she’s lying to everyone about her Power App and that’s perfect fine. Because this is Bayleigh’s World. Can someone just give her the prize money, already?

SPOTLIGHT ITEM: All Girls Alliance

We do have to give credit to Bayleigh for one thing. She is at least floating the idea of an all-girls’ alliance, which makes so much sense this season. Already, they have the numbers over the guys, and if they pick off Brett it will be seven to four in their favor. While guys’ alliances have dominated many seasons of "BB," no girls alliance has ever been able to keep it together long enough to make it to the end.

We’re ready to shake up the "sides" that have dominated the game since Week 1. It’s time to tear apart the existing alliances, shake things up, and show us something we’ve never seen before. This is the year of #MeToo. This is the year that women’s voices are being heard. If ever there was a summer for them to come together and take over this game, 2018 is it.


Tyler (even) is teflon in this game. And even though he didn’t implement his best-friend-Scottie POV plan, the fact that he came up with it and laid the groundwork is testament to the strength of game he is playing. Plus, he made Scottie an even bigger target in the house, which can only help his game.

JC (even) is playing an equally strategic game, but one that relies more on his likability in the house. He sows chaos around him knowing that no one will suspect him, keeping targets firmly away from him.

Sam (up 3) seems to have survived her HOH completely unscathed, and everyone seems to have bigger targets in mind than her for now. If enough time passes, her abhorrent personal attacks on Haleigh and Kaitlyn may be forgotten completely.

Faysal (even), Haleigh (even) and Rockstar (up 1) seem to be sliding back into relative obscurity, as far as big targets in the house. Rockstar has calmed down, and with Brett on the block and the clear target, she’s got on reason to rock the boat, which should allow her to float deeper into the game.

Angela (up 1) and Kaycee (up 1) are the other side’s invisible duo, and even though Tyler threw Angela’s name out there, no one is really that worried about her just yet, either. That said, they are part of the "bro" side, so they’re likely in bigger danger than the other side.

Bayleigh (down 6) is probably going to bounce back just fine after her cruel HOH reign, because no one else has faced any repercussions for their HOH behavior. Nevertheless, she is pushing and bullying a lot of people this week, so if they do decide to take that personally, she could find herself in trouble. We suspect, she’ll slowly rise back to invisible until the bigger targets are dealt with.


Scottie (even) is in an even worse position in the house, and he didn’t do anything. Tyler simply chose to use him in his "best friend" story to Bayleigh, but part of that included Tyler claiming Scottie tells him everything. Everyone seems to believe everything he says, and there’s no way Bayleigh won’t tell everyone in the house, making Scottie an even bigger target than he was before.


Rachel (even) is on the block as the pawn, but pawns do go home. On top of that, Brett has a lot of charm and charisma and he is willing to spin an elaborate lie to save himself. Plus, he’s better television than Rachel.

Brett (even) is the target, but he’s also used-car-salesman sleazy. He may yet find a way to weasel his way into the votes it takes to stay, sending Rachel packing.


  • "I keep thinking about the people that I came into this game being loyal to, and I’m trying my best to stay loyal to them, but now it’s affecting my personal game." –Rachel (that’s because you haven’t been playing)

  • "I don’t like when I’m asked if I’m okay" and "I just don’t like the whole hugging thing." (Rachel has buried her emotions)

  • "I’m still considering that maybe you have the Power [App]. I’m still deciding between you and Scottie and JC having it." –Bayleigh
  • "I’m still deciding between you and those two. All I know is somebody’s lying." –Tyler (you both are, because you both have one!)

  • "How do people get away with lies here so well? You can call somebody out and be completely right and they’re just going to deny it and there’s nothing you can do about it." –Bayleigh (lying about having a Power App to Tyler, who’s lying about having a Power App. Nice deflection there)

  • "My name does not need to come out of your mouth. Especially when I’m supposed to be your number one priority in this house." –Bayleigh (you’re not the only person playing this game, Faysal’s allowed to play for himself)

  • "We’re going to have a very interesting talk. All your guards come down right now." –Bayleigh (to Faysal; she really thinks she is a dictator in this house)

  • "It looks like you’re ordering me around. I look like a little bitch. How embarrassing is that?" –Bayleigh (dude, calm down, it’s a game)

  • "At this point you know so much about my game and you’re still only thinking about you." –Bayleigh (to Rachel)
  • "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to like come in here– I’m not freaking out about it." –Rachel
  • "Well, now you’re not, but now I am. So now like all of that negative energy you just had coming in here is now on me." –Bayleigh (is anyone else allowed to play the game for themselves?)

  • "Right now, I kind of feel like Scottie is my only friend. And like recently he’s been, like, letting me know everything that’s going on. He like sold his soul for me. Not literally, but I feel awesome about Scottie." –Tyler (lying to Bayleigh)

  • "I think I kind of need to let her know that actually Scottie is my best friend. So maybe if I decide to use the veto she’ll retaliate against me by putting my best friend Scottie on the block. That keeps Level 6 safe, right?" –Tyler (explaining that lie, and it’s pretty ingenious)

  • "At this point, the best bet is the girls stick together. Girls. Stick. Together.That’ll be four guys left and seven girls. From there we should be able to do whatever we want." –Bayleigh (to Rachel; could she orchestrate the show’s first all-girls alliance)

"Big Brother" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, Thursdays at 9 p.m ET and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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