'Big Brother' Blowout: Who Won the Power of Veto, and Is There Any Hope for Fayleigh?

Showmance Faysal and Haleigh are on the block together, so they need to either win the Power of Veto or start praying for a miracle, as Level 6 is running this game.

Level 6 has been dominating this season of "Big Brother" virtually since the beginning, and it would take a miracle or implosion to stop them making it to Final Four.

The latter is the more likely scenario, as eventually they’re going to have to turn on one another. While some have speculated that Angela should have done so this week, she actually made the smarter move for her game. Haleigh is a strong strategic competitor and Faysal a strong physical one. Either could make a legitimate case to the jury.

Her own alliance members Kaycee and Brett, though, will have a much harder time trying to convince the jury they deserve the top prize. Plus, with eight people left in the house, there’s no reason to implode Level 6 just yet. That time is coming soon, but get rid of legitimate contenders for the prize money first.

We’re going to run this season like you’d run a department store. Each product, or Houseguest, may have come in with equal value, but pretty quickly you start to see that certain ones aren’t working. First, you try discounting them to see if they can turn things around and become solid performers again. But if that doesn’t work, it’s time to put them on clearance so you can sell them out (the door). With that said, let’s take a look at our inventory, ranked from our strongest performer to our weakest. But first, let’s take a look at a spotlight item that just came in.


If Faysal hadn’t had his head up his ass this whole game, he might have been able to have this conversation with JC weeks ago. The puppet master finally had it presented to him that he is low man on the totem pole, beneath every member of Level 6, the same people he’s been working with for so long.

It looked like the information was sinking in, so there may yet be time for JC to salvage his game if he internalizes this information and starts to move on it. If he dismisses Faysal as the idiot he thinks he is, though, he could indeed follow shortly behind him.

Level 6 has been using JC for weeks now (note he wasn’t part of their celebration after Angela’s win) because he’s done a great job of manipulating the other side and sending them home. Even better for him, though, the other side still doesn’t know it, so his jury management is on point, unless Level 6 outs him.

Now, he just needs to start sowing those seeds of doubt inside Level 6 to convince them to turn on each other before they turn on him. The problem is that they’re not idiots, and they know what a threat he’d be to win the game if he makes it to the finals. It’s a huge uphill battle — and it would help if he could win something to gain some control over his fate — but if anyone can do it, it’s JC.


Tyler (even) has been laying low and letting others do the dirty work for him, rising a bit higher each time. Right now, he could probably beat everyone in the house.

Angela (even) is playing a cool and controlled game, willing to make bold moves. It could hurt her with a bitter jury, as she could be seen as callous rather than strategic. But if she sits next to the right person (and there are several good candidates left), she could win this.

JC (even) has a long road to make it to the finals, but if he starts working now and can figure out how to do it, he still stands a good chance. The Jury Battle Back comp that brings one person back into the house could be huge for him if he decides to finally turn on L6, as it would give him an ally to try and regain some control with.

Haleigh (up 4) is not the target this week, and with the Battle Back looming, there may be hope for her. Level 6 is on the verge of breaking down, she’s schmoozing with them all and she might be seen as less of a target with Faysal gone. Of course, this is probably all wrong, as she’s been a target so long, it would be crazy for them to suddenly change their minds. Crazy enough to work? If L6 is going to implode, Haleigh would be a great ally for someone to help make that happen.

Kaycee (down 2) won the Veto and did nothing with it. Her chance to make a big game move for herself, and she chose loyalty instead. Now, Kaycee is a team player through and through, so this move makes sense. Plus, she’s not played a highly strategic game, so loyalty will be one of her biggest selling points if she gets to the end. Even better, most everyone probably thinks they can beat her, so her odds aren’t terrible.

Brett (down 3) is cozying up to Haleigh, as she’s more likely to survive the week, so it sounds like he’s planning for a post-Level 6 world, too. He’s not in a great game postion, overall, nor has he managed the jury well, so it might be to his benefit to turn on his allies before the end and eliminate all those people more worthy of winning than him.


Sam (down 1) is a loose cannon and utterly useless in competitions. No one thinks she’s really played the game at all, so unless someone is looking for an easy win and decides to drag her to the end, her time is limited. They’ve been planning her demise for weeks, just waiting until bigger threats are eliminated first.


Faysal (down 1) is the biggest threat in the house, proven by his near-win tonight in that Veto. The odds of him surviving the week are less than terrible.


  • "I nominated Haleigh and Faysal because they’re a power alliance, and they’re the only two left on the other side of the house. Can’t wait to tear these two apart. (laughs) I’m evil!" –Angela

  • "Level 6 is pretty much steamrolling through this game right now." –Tyler

  • "Nice work, Faysal." –Tyler (after Faysal’s disastrous HOH week)
  • "Nice work, idiot. Moron." –Angela

  • "Let’s recap the past three weeks." –Faysal
  • "Let’s not." –Haleigh
  • "Haleigh wins the Hacker. Great! So she can take one of our alliance members down. Pick me to play in the veto. Tyler goes home on Angela’s HOH, right? No, let’s pick Kaycee to play in the Veto. And send Bayleigh home. The only way we survive next week is if one of us wins HOH. Who wins HOH? Haleigh wins HOH. Who goes home? Rockstar goes home. Who could have won the Veto? Rockstar. But who’d she tell the answer to? Tyler, you got it right. So we’re totally screwed next week, but who wins HOH? Fessy. Who does he send home? The last remaining member of our alliance. Let’s make a final four with Angela. Who wins the next HOH? Angela. Who goes on the block? Me and Heligh." –Faysal (a beautiful summary)

  • "Do I need to ask? If you win, you take me down?" –Faysal
  • "I could." –JC
  • "That’s some f—–d up s–t, JC." –Faysal (he has not been your friend all game)
  • "Depending on what you do for me all week." –JC
  • "I would snap on you if you didn’t. I would call your ass out in front of all these people. I’ll make you a target." –Faysal
  • "If you don’t, they’re picking you off next week anyway. What do you think? Angela, Tyler, Kaycee, Brett. It’s Sam then you. If I leave, you’re next." –Faysal (getting JC thinking, but is it too late?)

  • "I guess what makes me the most sad is the only option I have right now is to try to integrate myself, spend the week hanging out with these people who really don’t even want me here, and leave the one person who’s had my back the entire time. And it just sucks." –Haleigh (maybe he’ll forgive her if this strategy works)

"Big Brother" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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