Bill Maher On Trump’s Aretha Tribute: President Can’t Say RIP Without Lying

President Donald Trump “lost his one black friend” this week, said Bill Maher tonight – and he wasn’t talking about Aretha Franklin (though the Queen of Soul would get the HBO host’s respect soon enough).

Omarosa Manigault Newman, Maher reminded everyone at the opening of tonight’s Real Time with Bill Maher, was once on Trump’s side. “She lied for him,” Maher said, also recalling Omarosa’s classic “all detractors have to bow down” comment.

Maher, though, was in a momentarily forgiving mood.

“I don’t care,” he said about Omarosa’s former loyalties. “She’s our asshole now. I’ll take anything I can get, gladly.”

In a comment he later tweeted, Maher suggested during his opening monologue that the former Apprentice contestant and White House staffer is now unavoidable. “If you’ve spent your life as an American refusing to know who Omarosa is, well, now you’re f*ck out of luck,” Maher joked.

The biggest Omarosa-related slam came after Maher played her secretly recorded phone call in which the president played dumb about her firing. “No, nobody even told me about it,” we heard Trump pretend. “You know, they run a big operation but I didn’t know it. I didn’t know that. Goddamn it.”

Said Maher, “Aside from everything else, what a p*ssy piece of sh*t he is. ‘They run a big operation here. Boy, if I ever find this President of the United States guy’…”

Maher also excoriated Trump for his “she worked for me” response to Franklin’s death this week. “A complete lie,” Maher said. “He can’t even say Rest In Peace without lying.

“He was going to tweet ‘Respect’ but couldn’t remember how to spell it.”

Deadline will post video of Maher’s monologue when it’s available. Check back later…


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