Bob Costas In Talks To Exit NBC Sports – Report

After being with NBC since 1979, Bob Costas is making a plan to bow out of NBC Sports.

Costas have held discussions with his representatives and NBC to be let out of his contract that currently runs through 2021, according to USA Today. Deadline reached out to NBC, but the network declined to comment about Costas’ exit.

Costas has been the lead announcer on numerous high-profile sporting events including the World Series, the Super Bowl, and the Olympics. Last year, Costas announced the end of his U.S. TV record of 11 Olympics as NBC primetime host. He passed the torch of hosting duties to Mike Tirico for the PyeongChang games. In addition, Costas served as a news announcer for many major news events in the sports world including the death of Muhammad Ali.

More recently, Costas took on Donald Trump when it came to NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.
“There’s almost no one in the NFL who wants to support or rationalize the tone and content of President Trump’s remarks,” Costas said during CNN’s New Day this last year.

Sports, patriotism and the flag have been so “conflated” that people can’t separate out any nuance, Costas said. “If you go to see Hamilton, which is about the founding of the republic, no one says, ‘Wait a minute! Don’t raise the curtain until we hear the national anthem.’”

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