Bodyguard creator Jed Mercurio says they are "just beginning" conversations with BBC on series 2

Series two of the BBC’s runaway hit Bodyguard is just a twinkle in Jed Mercurio’s eye at the moment, but there is real promise that a second run will happen eventually.

The creator appeared on today’s (September 19) This Morning to discuss all things Bodyguard ahead of its finale this weekend, and his comments on what might be next for PPO David Budd were very hopeful indeed.

“We don’t know yet,” he said when asked about a guaranteed second series. “We’re just beginning that conversation with the BBC.”

Keeping it suitably cryptic, Jed added: “We know that people out there are loving series one and that there would be an appetite for series two, but we’ll just have to wait and see.”

But while those conversations are “beginning” with the BBC, there’s nothing that has given the show the go-ahead to get the wheels officially in motion.

“A lot goes into setting up a production, and none of those conversations have taken place yet which would allow us to facilitate that production,” Jed explained.

As well as teasing the possibility of series two, Mercurio weighed in on the mystery of Julia Montague, seemingly throwing cold water on his previous comments about her being dead.

When reminded of his comments about wanting to prove there was no such thing as a “can’t-die character”, the series creator quipped: “If you’re a drama writer obviously you always have to tell the truth, there’s no element of fiction in at all.”

Now do excuse us, we have several Bodyguard conspiracy theories to iron out.

Bodyguard will conclude this Sunday (September 23) at 9pm on BBC One. And we can’t wait.

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