Bodyguard fans convinced David Budd DID kill Julia Montague – and the movie Fight Club explains why

Fans are speculating that bodyguard David Budd (Richard Madden) was actually behind the murder but is completely unaware, because of dual personalities.

Similar to the shock ending of 1999 cult classic Fight Club, where Brad Pitt's Tyler is revealed to be a figment of the Narrator's (Ed Norton) imagination.

Fans are expecting David Budd to have been behind everything from the initial train bomb threat, to the sniper attack on Keeley Hawes' Home Secretary.

This is backed up by earlier scenes where David strangled Julia Montague during the night and seemed appalled by his own behaviour.

One Bodyguard fan speculated that David's estranged wife doesn't exist, and is actually the other personality who has committed the crimes.

Another put: "I reckon there's some grade A dual personality disorder in Budd, a la Twin Peaks and Fight Club. His other self probably changed the blanks and maybe even planted the bomb."

A third put: "I vote for the fan theory of Budd being someone with dual personality."







Other viewers speculated that David was even behind the tense train bomb threat at the beginning of the series.

Another fan supported the theory, writing: "It is why he looked in the briefcase and did nothing, and it is him that put blanks in his own gun."

They continued to suggest that Home Secretary Julie Montague isn't dead.

A sneak peek from the dramatic finale sees the PC (Richard Madden) in a stand-off with police while covered in blood.

David has been desperately trying to work out what happened, but the trailer for the finale seems to suggest the finger will be pointed at him.

The conclusion to the critically acclaimed BBC series will air at 9pm on Sunday.

Fans will be treated to a gripping 75-minute episode as the most talked about British drama in years comes to a head.

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