‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Wed. August 8: Bill Doesn’t Want To Lose Liam, Ridge Questions Steffy

Bill apologizes to Liam.

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Wednesday, August 8 features Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) who talked to Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) about the recent decisions that she made. He is proud that she took the initiative and made some courageous decisions. However, he is also worried about his daughter, and whether she is really ready to end things with Liam (Scott Clifton). She reassured him that she is putting Kelly first and that she wants to be the best role model for her daughter. The talk turned to the shares that Bill (Don Diamont) gave her. Ridge knows that Bill has a reputation for manipulating people and wonders if he has a hold on Steffy through the shares. Steffy put Ridge’s mind at ease when she told him that Bill gave her the shares with no strings attached. Ridge is very pleased to hear the news.

Hope (Annika Noelle) told her colleagues that she would be marrying Liam again and they all are happy for her. Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) told her that Zoe (Kiara Barnes) would be back as a model on Steffy’s lingerie line. Just then Xander gets a call from Zoe who tells him that their cat, Harry, was at the animal hospital. He was barely breathing so Xander immediately left to be with him. Later, Emma wanted to know where Xander was and they filled her in that he never returned after he got a call from Zoe. Emma reminded them of what Zoe had done, but they maintained that she deserved a second chance.

Bold and the Beautiful recaps state that Liam arrived at Bill’s house and rehashes the past. He told his dad that he was proud of Steffy for turning him down. He orders his father to stay away from her and says that she is off limits. He tells Bill to “find someone [his] own age,” and continued to rant that Steffy was too good for him. Bill surprises Liam by agreeing that she was too good for him, and she was also too good for Liam. Bill then goes on to list that he lost Steffy and Liam, and even Wyatt had his guard up around him. He said that he had become his father. Bill apologized to Liam and said that he should have respected Liam and his family. He hoped that one day they could be father and son again.

Zoe and Xander returned from the animal hospital. Their cat didn’t make it and Zoe is beside herself with grief. They reminisced about how they brought Harry home and how they loved him. Xander held her while she cried. Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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