Britain’s Got Talent 2019: Simon Cowell reveals backstage DRAMA ahead of ITV show return

Britain’s Got Talent’s new season is getting closer and closer, and fans of the show are desperate to see which acts will impress the judges and which won’t.

This year’s show sees Alesha Dixon, David Walliams, Amanda Holden and, of course, Simon Cowell as the show’s main judges.

Simon’s already been chatting about the new series, which will mark the return of Ant McPartlin as the show’s host, alongside Declan Donnelly.

He revealed that the show’s already had some backstage drama, courtesy of judge David Walliams.

The music mogul was asked: “Alesha’s been a judge and now a host [on The Greatest Dancer] – has she changed?”

Simon replied: “I swear she’s come back like a producer!

“You know what, I think it’s been really good for Alesha.

“She’s got a great sense of humour, and I thought she did great on the show in the role she had, she looked very comfortable.”

He finished off by revealing: “Apart from David, there’s no drama on our show.”

David always seems to be at the centre of some sort of drama on the show, yet it all adds to its charm and hilarity.

The comedian-turned-children’s author is one of the main reasons why people love the show so much and has received awards for his role as a judge on the programme.

The National Television Awards (NTAs) this year saw David win the award for Best Judge, much to his delight.

However, when he won, he failed to make the usual dedications, opting instead to share all of his glory by boasting to his fellow Britain’s Got Talent judge Simon.

Grasping the golden trophy, David declared: “I don’t look upon this as a victory for me. I look upon it as a humiliation for Simon Cowell.”

The sudden swipe had the audience erupt into fits of laughter, but David wasn’t anywhere near done.

He continued: “All he does is judge. He can’t sing, and he can’t dance, he doesn’t tell jokes.

“He just sits there and says no to people all the time. We can all do that.”

The actor then went on to send a personal message to the British music mogul himself.

“And Simon,” he said with a glint in his eye. “If you’re watching at home, it’s about ten past eight. You’re probably not up yet.

“But I have a message for you,” David said, and he then proceeded to lift up his trophy and arm and make a huge raspberries noise, before leaving the stage.

Britain’s Got Talent returns tonight on ITV at 7.15pm.

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