Britney Spears flashes her nipple covers as her bra slips down during energetic dance routine on stage in Germany

Britney, 36, took to the stage in Berlin, Germany, on Monday evening for her Piece Of Me Tour and entertained the crowds with both her music and dance routines.

But when one rather energetic segment proved too much for Britney's bra to handle, she demonstrated just what a professional she is.

Before heading out onto the stage, Britney had covered her modesty with a pair of black, lace nipple covers in preparation for such a faux pas.

This meant the mum-of-two was able to protect her modesty as she pranced around on the stage.

Britney's Piece Of Me Tour is her ninth concert tour since she found fame in the Noughties.

She kicked things off last summer, performing 11 shows in Asia, before taking a break to finish her Las Vegas recidency.

She then hit the road again in June this year, taking to the stage in the US before heading to Europe.

Last weekend, Britney jetted into the UK and entertained 50,000 fans at Brighton's Preston Park for Brighton Pride.

However, during her time on stage, the pop princess forgot where in the world she was and had to ask a backing dancer for clarification.

Midway through her performance, Britney turned to her dancer and said: "Where are we?"

They replied: “Brighton Pride,” and Brit shouted to the crowds: “What’s up Brighton Pride?!”

Britney's senior moment went viral on Twitter, although many fans didn't seem to mind and instead rushed to defend the Toxic singer.

One wrote on Twitter: "OMG I love her."

Another tweeted: "It’s hard for americans… they think the whole island is london."

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