‘Can’t wait’ Amanda Owen expresses excitement over new ‘challenge’ away from farm

Winter On The Farm Live: Amanda Owen braves icy lake

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During a live episode of Channel 5’s Winter on the Farm with hosts Jules Hudson and Helen Skelton, Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen took on the challenge to go wild swimming in Snowdonia. As she braved the cold waters, she revealed she couldn’t wait to carry on the challenge and wild swim in the many of the waters that Snowdonia has to offer.

In a pre-recorded video, Amanda explained: “I love swimming, it’s a joy that I have been lucky enough to share with my brood.

“Today, I am venturing into the heart of the fresh Snowdonia park; I’m headed towards a remote lake nestled in the towering peaks.

“Outside, it’s a cool, clear winters day, the hardcore wild swimmers say that the rush is better in these colder waters.

“It clears the head, can boost the immune system, reduce blood pressure and ease chronic pain, but I am meeting an expert on Snowdonia’s waters,” she said.

Joining Vivienne Rickman at Llyn Gwynant, Amanda said: “So how long have you been wild swimming for?”

Vivienne revealed: “Well, since I was a baby, my mum was a swimmer, so she made sure we were swimmers as well.”

Amanda explained in a voiceover: “During lockdown, our wild swimming community exploded, it was the tonic to help wash away a terrible year.

“For Vivienne, swimming has become an obsession, in 2015, she set out to bag all 250 of Snowdonia’s lake.”

As she braced herself to enter the waters, Amanda exclaimed: “Lake Llyn Gwynant is tranquil but still dangerous, even for experienced swimmers like us.

“This is where you have to be bold, isn’t it? It’s a bitter six degrees, of course, it’s about swimming, but it’s about your surroundings more.

“The lights, the sights, the sounds, I think that heightened awareness of everything,” she explained as she took in the mountains behind her.

She told Vivienne: “I guess there’s also that feeling of timeliness as well, you kind of feel like at one.”

To capture the magic, Amanda and Vivienne surfaced from the waters in a bid to not get too cold and immediately got dressed and began walking to warm their bodies up.

“That was absolutely beautiful,” Amanda exclaimed: “No pain, no gain, I say, I mean it was absolutely achingly cold, but God, I feel alive.”

Vivienne asked Amanda how she was feeling once out of the water, to which she replied: “Well, I’m just regaining the life back in me.

“I wasn’t cold when I came out, but it hit me minutes later, once lake ticked off my Snowdonia swim list,” she added before going on to express her excitement at any future challenges.

Amanda concluded: “And I can’t wait to go into the next very soon.”

Amanda took to her Twitter account and wrote: “What a treat to be invited to swim with wild swimmer Vivienne at Llyn Gwyant in Snowdonia.

“Such a still, serene & beautiful place #nature #swim #outdoorsimming,” alongside three pictures of her swimming adventure.

Admiring her bravery, @JoannieTaylor75 wrote: “Is there anything this woman won’t do, good for her, get stuck in and enjoy life.”

@ErinWren555 also praised: “Well done, Amanda! That must have been not only physically challenging but mentally too! Defo inspired me to want to do it! #AmandaOwen.”

Winter on the Farm continues Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 5. 

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