Casualty fans were in shock as a huge crash, involving an ambulance and massive oil tanker, left countless people with terrible injuries, and threatened the life of paramedic Alicia Munroe and claimed the life of Sam Nicholls.

Alicia finally reported evil rapist Eddie to the police, but a showdown between them led to him throwing her out of a window, meaning she had to rush to hospital.

She was taken in an ambulance, but sadly disaster struck and the speeding ambulance overturned and Alicia was left fearing for her life.

As the paramedics arrived and fought to help all those involved in the crash, which included many cars and injured parties, an oil tanker exploded and led to a massive fire, causing all those hurt to have to rush away from the crash.

But things took a sad turn when Sam began clutching her back, which was clearly injured after the blast knocked her into an ambulance.

She tried to contact Iain to come back and collect her, but he didn’t realise until the last moment that she was curled up in pain in the ambulance, leaving various implements covered in blood.

He tried his best to help her,injecting her with pain relief and fluids, but she didn’t last long and Iain was left trying desperately to revive her with CPR.

Ruby quickly set to help her reset her elbow, which was fractured in the crash, while Iain went to help a young girl, Mia, who had a fractured face and was unable to breathe.

Iain and Ruby suggested they knew her, saying they were "in her house earlier that day," but the real focus was on who might die in the show and who was going to make it out alive.

In the wreckage, alongside Alicia and the ambulance, were a couple of women who joked and asked for lipstick, but ended up being the last two out before the explosion, with the bang affecting her and paramedic Sam.

Also in the crash was a police officer and a criminal, though she pretended to be a poor woman who had been kidnapped and tied up by a human trafficker.

She cheekily escaped, stealing £100 from the officer who tied her up, leaving all the paramedics stunned.

Fans were completely shocked to see her die, after the whole episode teased the potential fate of various characters.

One wrote: "Literally can’t cope with the anxiety watching this! Bloody hurry up Holby staff #Casualty"

Another said: "Casualty is too much for me at my old age going to give me a heart attack"

Casualty airs at 9.10pm on Saturday on BBC1.

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