CBB star Ben Jardine's heartbroken pregnant girlfriend slams Roxanne Pallett for 'leading him on'

Silvia Sanchis, 41, said she feels betrayed after seeing Married At First Sight star Ben kiss and declare his love for housemate Roxanne, 35.

Yoga teacher Silvia, who is 29 weeks pregnant, said the engaged former Emmerdale actress — who left the Channel 5 hours after Ben on Friday — is as much to blame for “pressing all of Ben’s buttons”.

She added: “Roxanne’s just as guilty as him. She’s out of order. She has teased and sparked him into trying it on with her.

“Both of them needed to realise they’ve got people who care about them on the outside. He is acting like he’s a single person but I’m in a relationship with him, I live in his house and I’m having his baby.

“It takes two to tango. I’m just as angry with her. She has been pressing all his buttons and I don’t like it at all.

“For me, Ben and Roxanne are showing that they take relationships very lightly. I’m not happy. Surely, he should be proud that he’s having baby with someone who loves him. I was in bits when I saw the way he’s behaved in the house.

“He’s betrayed me. It’s gone too far for me. I’m moving out, it’s 80/20 chance of us splitting up now. I need to sit down with him and say, ‘What in the world went through your head?’. We are having a kid together after all.”

Ben, 37, shot to fame this year on BBC show Married At First Sight where he met and wed Stephanie Saint Remy. The couple split soon after, but are still married.

He first met Spanish-born Silvia six years ago at a wedding and they reconnected in December. They started dating eight months ago and moved in together in South London during the summer.

But Ben was seen this week on CBB kissing Roxanne on the neck in a private corner of the house, before saying: “I can’t help it”.

He also revealed in the diary room he fancied Roxanne — engaged to steel worker Lee Walton, 40 — called her his “soulmate” and even confessed his love for her in a whispered bedroom confession, saying: “I love you. You’re amazing. I don’t care anymore.”

Ben had been in the house for ten days before he told the housemates he was due to become a dad in November — but played down his relationship with an “old friend” and suggested it was a “fling”.

He left the house at 10pm on Friday, but only made contact with Silvia at around 2pm on Saturday. The couple were expected to have showdown talks on Saturday afternoon afternoon.

Silvia said: “I have no idea when he is coming home. He’s hasn’t even asked how his baby is. I’m quite shocked. I’m waiting here in his house to give him what for. I’m so disappointed. He’s ridiculed us.”

Roxanne quit CBB hours after Ben’s eviction. Her allegation that fellow housemate Ryan Thomas had assaulted her drew 11,000 complaints from viewers to Ofcom.

Ryan claimed it was playful but Roxanne had been tearful when she told Ben she thought it was intentional. On leaving the house and seeing footage of the incident, Ben claimed he had been “mugged off” by Roxanne over her claims.

But he failed to mention his advances towards Roxanne that left Silvia in tears. She said: “I watched it and thought, ‘Is this for real?’ You’ve got a crush on her and you only met her a couple of days ago. My heart dropped to the floor. I thought, ‘Why aren’t you remembering what you have outside?’ It hurt.”

Ryan is a genuine guy, Ben

CBB evictee Ben Jardine has called housemate Ryan Thomas a “genuine guy” after his punch row with Roxanne Pallet.

She left the show after accusing Ryan of hitting her — an incident he said was merely play-fighting.

Jardine, who had comforted Roxanne, admitted to being “led up the garden path” by the actress.

After his eviction, he said: “I always wanted to look out for the girl….but the way it was portrayed to me was a totally different scenario.

“Now I’ve seen the footage myself… [Ryan] is a genuine guy and I hope that he’s alright.”

Of seeing Ben kiss Roxanne on the neck, she added: “I was in tears, I’ve barely slept all week. I’m pregnant with his child so my hormones are more sensitive. I’m worried the baby might feel my stress. I didn’t see any of this coming. When he said he was going to be a dad with an old friend I froze at first. His understanding of our relationship is very different to mine.

“Yes, I might have been an old friend. What we had was serious. I thought, ‘Is he playing a game?’ because if he is then it’s not a nice game and if it’s real then ‘How could you do this to me?’

Dan's sad dad: I'm so proud

DAN Osborne’s bus driver dad is watching Celebrity Big Brother obsessively — as it’s the only way he gets to see his son.

Jim Osborne and Dan fell out before the ex-TOWIE star, 27, married EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa last year.

Jim, 49, said of CBB: “It’s almost like he’s back in my life. It feels like I can talk to him, and I am laughing at some of the funny things he says.

“I am planning to message him when he comes out and say, ‘I am proud of you.’ He’s done great and behaved brilliantly.”

“I was angry, upset, sad, feeling betrayed, every emotion. I wanted to go in the house and confront them. Now I feel numb. When he comes out I’ll let him face the backlash from the public first and see how it feels and then sit down with him.

“I’m too pregnant for this drama, but my baby needs a father. He has some explaining to do. I need to decide whether or not it’s over.

“I’m going to have a scan to check the baby’s health. The baby is still kicking a lot but it’s been a stressful week. I hope Ben realises how much he has put at risk by his behaviour on TV.”

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