CBB’s Hardeep Singh Kohli faces eviction for a very strange reason

Comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli gained six nominations for eviction – for a very odd reason.

Fans have heard the CBB housemates make a number of strange accusations about Hardeep, with ex-housemate Natalie Nunn going at him on numerous occasions for his very loud snoring .

She complained at him that the snoring seemed to keep everyone else awake, then he stayed in bed long after everyone else as his sleep was so thoroughly uninterrupted.

But this is not the main reason he went up for eviction, though various housemates cited this as a contributor.

No, it was another bodily function which got Hardeep in trouble sadly, as he was nominated for something few of us can claim not to be victim of ourselves.


That’s right, housemates voted Hardeep because he publicly and openly farts in the house, which many of them deem to be totally inappropriate.

Chloe, Kirstie Alley and Psychic Sally Morgan were just three of the housemates who cited this as one of their main reasons for outing the comedian, with snoring coming in alongside these reasons.

Sally said "My first nomination is for Hardeep.

"The reason for that is I find his snoring wakes me up and he is very, very loud early morning.

"And his flatulence – he doesn’t take anyone into consideration for it."

And Kirstie also agreed, saying: "Hardeep. So when he was cooking for everyone, that was a great contribution and now he’s cooking part of the time and not part of the time, so a little bit low on the contributions and and a little bit high on the farting and snoring.

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"Passing gas or burping or whatever he is doing, is rude, and that is annoying."

Some fans took to social media to share their disappointment and laugh at the reason, with one writing: "Pure howling at the fact everyone is nominating Hardeep for farting #cbb"

Chloe, despite pointing out Hardeep’s flaws, received the most nominations with seven, with the main reason being how little she contributes to the house chores.

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Also receiving nominations tonight were Roxanne Pallett , who receive four, Ryan Thomas with three, and Nick Leeson received two votes.

Celebrity Big Brother continues at 9pm on Channel 5.

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