Celebrity Big Brother viewers have nothing but praise for Emma Willis after Roxanne Pallett interview

Celebrity Big Brother viewers have hailed host Emma Willis for her “brilliant” interview with former housemate Roxanne Pallett as she questioned her over the ‘punching’ incident between her and Ryan Thomas that aired last week.

Earlier today (September 3), Roxanne made her first TV appearance since walking out of the house over the weekend and apologised for her claims, saying that she “got it wrong”

Following her appearance on Jeremy Vine, it was confirmed that Roxanne would also be interviewed by Emma about the whole affair, and it soon became clear that this was the chat CBB fans were waiting for.

The pre-recorded interview aired in the first episode of tonight’s shock Celebrity Big Brother eviction special, and viewers were quick to notice that Emma was asking Roxanne all the questions we wanted to know the answers to.

“How can you get something so wrong in your head?” Emma asked at one point.

“Did you ever consider the implications that it would have had on him? Can you imagine if the cameras hadn’t been there?” she later asked, before adding: “A lot of people are not buying your apology.”

And Emma’s questioning quickly had viewers praising her for her direct and “savage” interview style:

During the interview, Roxanne revealed that she was “devastated” that she could have ruined Ryan Thomas’s life and career had there been no cameras recording the footage.

“I can’t apologise enough for trying to label someone as something that they’re clearly not,” she said. “All I can do is apologise and say I got it so wrong.”

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Speaking about the interview afterwards on Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, Emma Willis called it an “uncomfortable” experience and added that she wanted a bit more from Roxanne’s answers.

“It was hard, it was quite uncomfortable,” Emma said. “But I think that’s what was necessary, because we have watched a lot of uncomfortable TV over the last few days.

“I feel like a lot of what she said was a lot of what she said this morning. I suppose I wanted a little bit more… a little bit more out of her.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs on Channel 5.

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