Celebrity Big Brother's Hardeep Singh Kohli under fire again for questioning Chloe Ayling's glamour modelling

Celebrity Big Brother housemate Hardeep Singh Kohli is once again under fire from both his fellow housemates and viewers over his questionable behaviour.

The comedian, who was infamously dropped from The One Show over questions about his conduct in 2009, has been a lightning rod for controversy since entering the house last week.

Amid complaints that Hardeep himself may have been bullied by Natalie Nunn, viewers and housemates him have also taken issue with him for violating personal space with others during conversations.

During Tuesday’s (August 21) episode, Hardeep once again caused controversy when he was critical of Chloe Ayling’s glamour modelling past.

“Seeing your naked body in Page 3 doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable?” he asked her.

When Chloe insisted that she was not at all ashamed of her Page 3 past, Hardeep told her that he was “passionately against” glamour modelling.

“You and I are going to fall out but I was passionately against Page 3. I campaigned against it,” he said. “I just don’t think it’s very healthy. If we live in an equal world, genuinely, I would have no issue with it.

“But I can’t help thinking that it’s part of the objectification of women… We’re all guilty.”

Those comments earned him a nomination later in the day from Chloe, who insisted in the Diary Room that Hardeep had overstepped the mark by judging her.

“We had a conversation earlier where he was quite judgmental about my previous career,” she told Big Brother. “I feel that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions… I feel he was putting me down on what I did.”

Viewers overwhelmingly sided with Chloe:

In yet more awkward scenes, Hardeep broke down into tears moments after his glamour modelling discussion when Chloe and Roxanne revealed that they didn’t speak to their respective dads.

“Being around you two women who say you don’t need your dads [made me cry],” he wept. “I’m not crying for you. I’m crying for the dads.”

“Don’t cry for my dad,” Roxanne shot back as Hardeep countered that he too is a father, adding: “You’re not my dad!”

Later in the Diary Room, Roxanne also nominated Hardeep for making “a couple comments that [she] didn’t appreciate about [her] absent dad”. In the end, Big Brother announced that Hardeep and Natalie will face Friday’s eviction.

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Wednesday (August 22) at 9pm on Channel 5, followed by Rylan Clark-Neal recapping all the house action on Bit on the Side at 11pm.

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