Chloe Ayling admits she was 'intimate' in bed with Jermaine Pennant in Celebrity Big Brother house – before she realised he was married

The former soccer star later admitted he had a girlfriend but told her the relationship “was f****d”.

Shocked Chloe, 21, had to wait until she left the house before she learned the soccer ace was actually married to lads mag star Alice Goodwin.

After she confronted Jermaine at the Big Brother wrap party, the former Stoke City player allegedly told her he was splitting from wife Alice – just a day before he was pictured enjoying a romantic stroll with her.

He has since surprised his wife of four years with extra diamonds in her wedding ring and plans to renew their vows.

In an exclusive interview with Sun Online, Chloe admitted “something physical” did happen with Jermaine in the Big Brother house after she got “caught up in the moment” while the pair shared a bed – a claim the footballer denies.

And she revealed she felt “used” and “speechless” after finding out she’d gone "beyond a kiss" with a married man.

She told Sun Online: “When me and Jermaine shared a bed one night in the Big Brother house something intimate did happen when I was under the impression he was single, however absolutely nothing has happened between us since finding out he was married during my eviction interview.

"We played the bed swapping game and I ended up with Jermaine.

"I was wearing a hoodie and knickers and we got under the covers – we each had our own duvet – and we knew we had to be discreet because all the cameras where on us.

"I felt his hands on me and I kind of laughed because I wasn't expecting it but I let him carry on because at that point I liked him and thought he was single.

“Before he confessed on secret notes in the house that he liked me from day one, I responded with “but you have a gf?” and then he told me 'it was f****d'.

“So I had to go by what he told me and trusted this.

“When I found out he was married I was speechless and shocked – I couldn’t understand how someone could confess on national TV that they like another girl, spend the whole time flirting with them and even share a bed.

“This led a young girl on and completely disrespected his wife, making me realise he didn’t care about anyone’s feelings.

“And when it goes as far as something physical happening – beyond a kiss – and then to find this out, of course you feel used.”

After their encounter, Chloe said Jermaine told her in the bathroom: "Tell no one what f**king happened" – talking about what happened in the bedroom.

Chloe said that she confronted Jermaine for the first time about his behaviour during the show’s after party – but brazen Jermaine was adamant his marriage was over – and claimed he and his wife were even selling their home.

“He said he is not yet divorced but it’s happening and his house will be for sale due to other issues between him and his wife,” Chloe revealed. "But obviously I don’t trust what he says now.”

Branding Jermaine “secretive and sly” Chloe says she is sorry for any hurt she has caused his wife but is adamant he was the instigator.

“I wish he would have been honest about his relationship status from the start instead of telling me his relationship was f****d, leading me on and taking advantage of the situation in which he knew I had to take his word for it," she said.

“He knew there was no way of me checking because we were completely disconnected from the outside world.”

Chloe said one of the most hurtful moments was when she confessed to fellow housemates that Jermaine had written flirtatious messages to her in make up – but then overheard contestant Dan Osbourne saying, “his poor missus”.

“Eventually I told other housemates about the notes he had written to me using the makeup pad and eyeliner as he told me he confessed to the notes in the confession room anyway,” Chloe recalled.

“During this interaction I overheard Dan saying ‘his poor missus’. So I decided to confront Jermaine to ask why I was hearing this when he had told me the relationship was f****d.

“However in this confrontation he avoided answering my question and said 'We will talk on the outside'.

“The fact that he was being secretive, sly and reluctant to talk in front of cameras rang alarm bells and I was up for eviction so I was scared at what I’d be coming out to.

“Everyone normally blames the woman in scenarios like these even though he is the married one, lying about his relationship status and purposely not wearing a wedding ring.

“Then moments before my eviction he asks for a private chat in the bathroom where he tells me to 'play it down’ and tell no one what has happened because he does have a missus.

“So at this point I was thinking, ‘he told me his relationship was f****d so that he could take advantage in bed and now he is telling me he has a girlfriend so I don’t tell anyone what happened between us when we shared a bed’.”

Chloe said she was terrified about leaving the house but thankfully had a great reception from the public – who appeared to recognise Jermaine had been stringing her along – despite Big Brother not airing their "intimate" moment.

Chloe admitted she did feel embarrassed that she fell for Jermaine’s charms and hooked up with him on a TV show – but felt it was important to come clean so people knew she wasn’t a home wrecker.

“Luckily when I was evicted I had an amazing response and so much support from the public as they were able to see how shady he was being and how much he had led me on with me thinking he was single.

“Viewers saw that he kept his marriage a secret from all of the housemates, only admitting to three of them that he was married 24 hours before my eviction.

“It was annoying and made me feel hurt when upon his eviction he tried to dismiss what happened between me and him in the house as ‘banter’ and ‘jokes with the boys’ when he knows it wasn’t.

“For a start he kept the notes a secret from other housemates and something happened in bed, so it wasn’t just harmless flirting and dare games as he claims.”

And the model was keen to dispel any rumours that anything has happened between her and Jermaine since leaving the house – after the pair were pictured arriving at the same hotel together.

She admits the pair took a taxi together after the CBB wrap party but says they met fellow contestant Gabby Allen, Ben Jardine and Dan Osbourne at the Village Hotel, where all the contestants were staying.

She added: “As I previously mentioned I would talk to Jermaine as a friend but certainly nothing more after finding out he was married during my eviction interview.”

And while admits while she will never be able to trust Jermaine or be romantically involved with him, she did grow fond of him during their experience on the show – and doesn’t want an “awkward atmosphere” between them.

She said: “On CBB’s Bit on the Side when Rylan asked if I will see Jermaine in the future I said no as in not romantically, however at the end of the day he was still a housemate I lived with for two weeks and spent a lot of time with in the house as I genuinely enjoyed his company and he made me laugh, so I didn’t want to hold any grudges against anybody and wanted to move forward from what happened so I thought talking as friends would be okay.

“I don’t like having any awkward atmosphere and moving forward is what I choose to do in any life situation.

“After what happened, if he was single, I would have no interest in him because trust and honesty is a very important thing for me."

After leaving the Big Brother house Jermaine admitted that his wife would "probably" be upset at how he had led Chloe on – but dismissed it as "banter".

Jermaine was unavailable for comment when contacted by Sun Online.

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