Coronation Street: Geoff's downfall explained as he targets Daniel Osbourne

CORONATION Street's villain Geoff Metcalfe is set to get Daniel Osbourne arrested next week after realising he stole his money to give to sex worker Nicky.

But, with Ian Bartholomew having hinted that Geoff Metcalfe’s downfall could be getting closer, might Geoff be heading for prison himself? Here’s the lowdown…

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What do we know about Geoff and Daniel’s feud in Corrie?

Official spoilers have revealed that Geoff will insist on making Daniel pay next week after realising he’s stolen his money.

After Geoff spots Nicky giving Daniel some money back and insisting she doesn’t need it all, he reports Daniel to the police. 

Later at the police station, viewers will see Daniel break down and admit he gave Geoff’s money to Nicky. 

Has Daniel bitten off more than he can chew by messing with Geoff?

What has Ian Bartholomew said about Geoff’s downfall in Corrie?

Evil Geoff might still be causing havoc on the cobbles.

But speaking to Inside Soap, actor Ian hinted that comeuppance could be getting closer for his character.

The actor revealed: "Now that Tim is in the picture, I think we have to view this as the beginning of the end for Geoff.

"The more out of control he feels, the less in control he behaves – and I don't think it will end well, whatever happens.

"We love to hate a baddie, and see someone like Geoff get his comeuppance, so I suspect that he will.

"Let's be honest – Geoff is going to get it!”

What has Ian MacLeod said about Geoff’s comeuppance in Corrie?

Corrie producer Ian MacLeod has already confirmed that Geoff will meet his downfall this year.

He previously said: "What form that comeuppance takes is still in discussion. We wanted a redemptive ending ultimately for Yasmeen."

Adding that he, Ian and Shelley had been in correspondence with real-life abuse victims, Ian continued: "For the sake of all those people, we have to tell the right ending with some positivity and optimism.”

Will Geoff go to prison in Coronation Street?

Corrie are yet to confirm whether Geoff’s downfall will come in the form of prison, but that hasn’t stopped fans hoping that the abuser will be locked away. 

One fan tweeted: "OMG Geoff is a terrible nasty man he should be locked up behinds bars for everything that he has done #Corrie.”

Another added: 'Wish Corrie would just give us what we all really want and put Geoff in prison so I can return to my normal life of no watching it.”

A third viewer tweeted: “Maybe geoff will meet gray from #eastenders in prison #Corrie."

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