Coronation Street spoilers: Vicky and Michelle’s revenge plan has huge flaw – did you see?

Viewers will know that Robert’s (played by Tristan Gemmill) world has been falling down around his ears over the last two weeks after he was exposed as the village love-rat, but things took a more sinister turn when Vicky (Kerri Quinn) went missing and Robert was arrested after police found Vicky’s blood on a shard of broken vase in his car. But Vicky wasn’t missing at all and it seems her and Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) have combined forces to get their ultimate revenge, but are they going about it all wrong?

Coronation Street fans were left shocked on Monday evening to discover that seven month pregnant Vicky hadn’t been murdered at all.

Turns out she had been staying in a run-down hotel, keeping a fair distance from Robert’s rest and certainly not rushing back to clear his name. 

Fans predicted it and their wishes came true, Michelle and Vicky are actually in cahoots to bring Robert to justice. 

However, fans have already spotted a massive flaw in their revenge plan and want them to have a re-think, back to the drawing board for the scorned lovers.

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Vicky has been hiding away in the hopes Robert will be charged with her murder. 

Turns out Michelle has been updating her as the police investigation continues and even tipping the police off. 

But, the two women seemed to have forgotten something fairly significant, putting a dent in their ‘clever’ plan.

Vicky is seven months pregnant, so she’s going to be pushing that out fairly soon, and then what? 

She surely can’t hide herself and Robert’s baby forever? Viewers aren’t 100 per cent sure there will be any father left at this rate with the love-rat getting everyone’s backs up.

Standing at the altar of their wedding, Michelle humiliated Robert by reading out his text messages to Vicky, she announced: “This, in case any of you were wondering, these are messages from Robert’s lover, sorry fiance Vicky.

“She very kindly sent me these messages to rub my nose in it so you might have seen her on the street seven months pregnant with his kid.”

Last week Robert was arrested in the Rovers Return as people started asking questions as to where she’d gone.

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Viewers were quick to point out Vicky and Michelle’s flawed plan, one tweeted: “So Vicky will just sit in that hotel the rest of her life to play dead?!!! Wtf  #Corrie.”

“Not sure how they will get away with this when Vicky is literally about to have a baby any second! #Corrie.” said another. 

A third said: “When the time comes and Vicky goes into labour and has to go to the hospital surely her faking her own death won’t be possible anymore? #Corrie.”

And another said: “So pregnant Vicky who looks set to drop any day now is faking her own death. Meaning she is bound to go into labour soon. Meaning she has to go out in public to the most public place you can get, the hospital. What an unrealistic storyline. #Corrie.”


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This week Robert will get a stark warning from his lawyer, telling him that if Vicky doesn’t show up soon he could be looking at a murder charge. 

But will Vicky show her face this Christmas leaving Robert red faced?

Do Michelle and Vicky know what they’re doing?

And will Robert be looking at a murder charge this Christmas? 

Coronation Street continues on ITV at 8pm.

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