Coronation Street theory: Summer Spellman’s mother arrives after life-changing discovery

Coronation Street: Summer is sick after taking selfie

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Summer (played by Harriet Bibby) has been struggling with her type one diabetes diagnosis since she discovered she had the condition last year on Coronation Street but combined with an eating disorder, this has made things extremely difficult for her. In Monday’s instalment of the ITV soap, another period of making herself sick after eating resulted in her going into a hypoglycaemic attack, whereby her blood sugars drop beyond the normal levels. Unfortunately, she needed medical assistance and broke down in tears to her father figure Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) as she stated how unfair it was she had it. There are many reasons why someone could develop the condition but her mother could hold the key to unlocking the specific reason why she has it.

The youngster’s mother has never been mentioned before, given how she was adopted at birth by Billy’s ex-boyfriend, Drew Spellman (Tom Godwin).

Therefore, there has never been any reason for Summer to go looking for her birth mother as she didn’t need to anything about her.

Indeed, it might not even be her who brings the absent character to Weatherfield as Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) could have something to do with it.

Over the last few weeks, Tracy Barlow’s (Kate Ford) daughter has become increasingly worried about her friend’s diabetes.

There was a moment in Monday’s episode when she tried to help her friend and she knew she had made herself sick again.

“Do you know what? This is doing my head in,” Summer said as she confronted Amy in Victoria Gardens, adding: “You, basically calling me a liar.

“Sticking your nose in my business. You’re not my mother so do us both a favour and just back off,” the teenager hit back.

As per the request, Tracy’s daughter left her friend to it but it wasn’t long before Summer was in a police cell as two officers had found her in the midst of a hypoglycaemic attack but thought she was drunk.

It was Amy who notified the authorities they had got it wrong and the young woman was rushed straight to the hospital.

In the next few episodes, Summer will seek professional help for her eating disorder but this might not be enough for Amy.

You’re not my mother

Summer Spellman

Knowing her friend needs to know why she got diabetes and you can live a normal, healthy life with it, she could do some digging.

Having learnt diabetes can be hereditary, she could delve into the archives to find Summer’s adoption files to discover if her birth parents had it.

As she inspects the forms, she could discover it was her friend’s birth mother who had type one diabetes and would have passed it on to Summer.

Although this whole process might not be by the books, Amy could sneak out some information on where the mother was last reported living.

It might not be too far from Weatherfield and needing answers, the young woman could make the trip to find the mystery character.

When Amy eventually tracks down Summer’s mother, she could plead with her to come and visit her daughter and to tell her what life has been like with diabetes.

Unfortunately, this could be problematic as when the mystery character gave her daughter away, it could have been the hardest moment of her life.

With a new family who knows nothing about Summer, the absent figure from the beloved character’s life could be hesitant to come and see her.

However, knowing she could have done with some support when she received her diagnosis, the mother could agree to come to the cobbles.

It could be quite the reunion as the last person Summer would have been expecting to meet through this was the woman who gave birth to her.

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At first, she could be angry, wanting to know why her mother gave her up rather than talking about their diabetes diagnosis’.

As she processes everything, the young woman could be willing to hear the newcomer out, knowing she might only get his chance to speak with her.

But, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship as the mother and daughter end up getting along really well.

With the focus of the reunion turning from diabetes to forming a mother-daughter relationship, could Amy’s discovery have done more than she could have ever hoped for?

And what does his mean for Billy, who has practically raised the youngster as his own for a fair few years of her life?

The actress who plays Summer, Harriet, has spoken out on her latest storyline and has teased what the future hold for her.

Harriet explained: “From the people I’ve spoken to and the stories I’ve heard about through Diabetes UK, people will say, ‘I’m recovered now because I will take my injections when I need to, but I will constantly think about my weight and I’ll constantly think about the way I look.’

“I think that’s something that Summer will always carry with her, even if she’s back on track and she’s healthy again.

“If we get to a place where she’s managing her diabetes, I think there’ll always be something carried with her from this experience,” she told

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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