Corrie star reveals big Rovers changes and behind-the-scenes secret for new role

The Rovers Return is set for some major changes under it’s new ownership.

Johnny and Jenny Connor have big plans for the beloved boozer – but they might not go down well with the locals or viewers at home.

The new owners want to turn the quaint establishment into a gastropub with a brand new menu, which could mean getting rid of Betty’s hotpot.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Corrie star Sally Ann Matthews revealed some more details of the revamp.

She said: ‘"Jenny loves a mood board, she wants it to be upmarket and fancy schmancy and she might just get her way."

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The actress confessed it was a "big shock" when former producer Kate Oates told her she was becoming the new landlady.

GMB presenter Richard Arnold asked how she would cope with the "exhausting" ordeal of being in lots of pub scenes.

Revealing a behind-the-scenes secret, Sally said: "You get comfortable heels for the job because you’re on your feet all day. So far so good.

"Obviously it was very stressful because she didn’t want to go into the Rovers but we managed to pack, move, get a licence and train up all in 24 hours which was quite handy."

A preview clip revealed there will be tensions between the Connor family when news of the revamp is exposed.

Michelle is shocked when Jenny reveals they are changing The Rovers into a "really modern gastropub".

Trying to calm her fears, Jenny says: "No yours is a bistro, ours will be a gastropub."

Will the competition between the two establishments spark a Connor family civil war?

*Coronation Street airs tonight on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm

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