Dan Walker grills Matt Hancock over ‘slow’ Leicester COVID response: ‘Taken so long’

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BBC Breakfast continued today and Louise Minchin and Dan Walker were talking about the news that Leicester would be heading back into a stricter lockdown due to a significant spike in COVID-19 cases. However, the conversation got heated today when the host wanted to know why it had taken the government to respond to the outbreak in Leicester during a chat with Matt Hancock.

Health Secretary Mr Hancock made a statement in the House of Commons last night revealing that strict lockdown rules were to be reinstated in Leicester after a significant rise in cases.
As of today, all non-essential shops must close once again, despite recently re-opening and all schools will shut on Thursday. 

Walker quickly asked today why schools could not close today and why they would have to wait. 

Mr Hancock explained: “That is for practical reasons, so people can sort out childcare. 

“If at 9pm last night I had said that all schools would be closed this morning, I think we would have had more people gathering around the school gates trying to work out what happened.”


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Walker probed: “So, to the thousands of parents watching this morning who have been encouraged to send their children back to school in various parts of England, because of the low impact on children, what is your message to them this morning?”

Hancock went on: “The reason I said that about Leicester is because there is an unusually high incidence of children, and we have always said if your child is in reception, or year one or year six you should still send them to school, even in Leicester.”

Later in the conversation, Walker interrupted and said: “Jonathan Ashworth said in the Commons that you knew about the spike three days ago and that there should have been a faster response to flare-ups.

“Why did it take so long to put these measures into place?”


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