Dani Dyer hints at reality show with Jack Fincham as marriage plans are on hold

Dani Dyer has revealed she might be interested in another reality show with her beau Jack Fincham after their Love Island win.

The Love Island Queen wanted to be an actress before going into the villa, but she has said since her foray on the small screen she would like to stay on TV, but with her partner Jack working alongside her.

She told Good Morning Britain’s Ranvir Singh and Kate Garraway: "I definitely want to carry on with my acting but I definitely want to stay on the TV doing other things as well.

"Definitely with Jack so I just want to see what happens – I want to take every day as it comes but acting is amazing."

Kate suggested perhaps a remake of The Love Boat, and Dani seemed pretty up for the idea of "love on a boat" with her beloved.

When asked to address the rumours that wedding bells will soon be ringing between them, she revealed there are no plans for this year or next.

She continued: "This wedding thing, literally, of course we want to get married eventually.

"I’ve always wanted to get married ever since I was little, that’s always been my dream.

"But, I mean, we’re not getting married next year. It’s a little bit too soon, we want to enjoy each other first."

She added: "I think I’d be bridezilla, he’d leave me before. Honestly, I’d be a nightmare.

"He could do all the food and that, but all the other stuff…"

Dani also revealed Jack was asleep in bed while she came on morning TV, but he will have his turn being interviewed on Good Morning Britain on the show tomorrow.

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The couple, since leaving the villa, have binged on Chinese takeaway and McDonald’s, according to Dani, but next week they will be on the hunt to find a home to make their own.

Dani was also asked some quickfire questions about her beau, and she revealed his teeth were done in Turkey and his birthday, but she couldn’t work out his sporting achievement, despite them having discussed it.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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