Danny Dyer reveals he can’t wait to ‘talk b******s’ with daughter Dani as they launch podcast together – The Sun

DANNY Dyer is launching a new podcast with daughter Dani – and he can't wait to talk a 'load of b*****s'.

The EastEnders star, 42, and Love Island favourite Dani, 23, will set the world to rights with a dash of cockney slang.

Speaking to the Mirror, he said: "It's going to be me and Dani talking about life and tackling some issues.

"What are podcasts about really? People talking b******s. We talk about us, we talk about our father and daughter bond, we talk about climate change and stuff that people are talking about in the media."

The proud dad couldn't speak highly enough of his daughter, adding: "I just love my baby and it's really great to be working with her."

Their new project will appear on Spotify.

Earlier this month Danny revealed he has grown up after being “a lunatic” in younger days.

In 2017, he was ordered by soap bosses to take a break due to his partying and cheating rumours.

He has since shunned booze and committed to his wife and three kids.

Danny, who plays Mick Carter in Albert Square, said: “I feel more settled now that I am in my forties. I am going to be 43 this year.

“I feel really grateful for everything that I have got in my life and I think went through many many years of being a lunatic.

“It took me a long time to grow up, I feel. Like it does with most men.

“It does change your life and it changes your whole outlook and you have a responsibility to be a good role model I suppose.”

Speaking at the launch of Pretty Woman: The Musical in London, he added: “I am just very grateful that I have got a f*****g wonderful wife that will stick by me for so long.

“I have been with her for thirty years.

“I am just bringing up my children and I am lucky to have a job that I love to do and I feel blessed for that.”

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