His Dark Materials TV show employs the Magisterium to keep spoilers from leaking

Filming on the eagerly-anticipated His Dark Materials began at the end of last month, but don’t go expecting any spoilers to leak.

Fans have spotted scenes with Gyptians being filmed in Oxford and instead of sharing the photos, they’re keeping what they saw to themselves.

But just in case some fans decide to start letting spoilers out there, the show has employed the powerful Magisterium to stop it from ever happening. In artwork unveiled on Friday (August 3) with what looks to be the official logo of the show’s version of the Magisterium, they wrote:

“The Magisterium has proclaimed that social media is a hotbed for heresy. Accounts associated with abominable heretical ‘spoiler’ discussions will face severe consequences.”


At least we know that, like the books, the Magisterium will be just as shadowy and secretive, so we remain hopeful for this take on Philip Pullman’s classic trilogy.

We won’t get anything from star Mat Fraser either as he’s tweeted: “Can’t tell you sorry…because Gyptians don’t gossip.”

Despite this, we do know that Lin-Manuel Miranda is on his way to the UK to start filming on the adaptation and Dafne Keen – the show’s Lyra – has been spotted running through the streets of Oxford.

It looks as though that’s as good as we’re going to get for now, especially with the show not expected to hit screens until 2020.

“I’m delighted that the production is underway, and I’m looking forward immensely to seeing how it looks,” Pullman enthused recently. “Bad Wolf has assembled a wonderful cast and I’m sure every HDM reader is as keen as I am to see it all coming together.”

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