David Beckham Gets Flirty with Ryan Reynolds on Instagram: 'God You Are Handsome!'

Things got a little flirty between David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds on Instagram on Wednesday.

In response to a photo Reynolds posted of himself, the soccer star, 43, gushes in the captions: “God you are handsome.”

His words were caught by fans, including the keen eyes of Comments by Celebs.

And though Beckham found Reynolds “handsome,” the Deadpool star was feeling anything but in the photo, which showed him and his cameraman sitting in a car. “Roberto and I are boiling alive,” Reynolds, 41, wrote int he caption. “At this point, it’s not even a car. It’s a giant coat made of leather, glass and armpits. #6Underground ??.”

Beckham’s comment isn’t the first time he and Reynolds have showed off their cute rapport on social media.

The two appeared in a hilarious video in May to promote Reynolds’ Deadpool sequel, with Beckham pretending to be upset after watching the superhero insult his accent in the first film.

After doing a number of things to try to win back Beckham’s affection — including apologizing with a glass of milk and a plate of cookies, a handful of balloons, and a Mexican mariachi band — Beckham finally forgave Reynolds, embracing him with a hug and admitting, “I can’t stay mad at you.”

So what was it that put him over the top? Tickets to the World Cup game, of course.

“You smell amazing,” Reynolds joked, in their hug. “Like Cinnamon and man hut. Let’s never let go.”

Of course, off screen, Beckham and Reynolds are both in long relationships. The British athlete is married to Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, while Reynolds is married to actress Blake Lively.

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