Death and prison: 10 exits for Coronation Street, EastEnders and Emmerdale

It can be quite heartbreaking to see your favourite soap characters exit. But come on, let’s be honest here, it’s more exciting than anything else as generally there is a big story in place to see them off. 

We can’t see EastEnders giving Danny Dyer the taxi treatment (or worse, the Isaac treatment of no official goodbye at all) and we just know that Emmerdale has big plans in store for Paige Sandhu’s serial killer Meena Jutla. 

Elsewhere, long term Hollyoaks legend Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) has a gutting exit of tragic proportions while I am particularly concerned that things might not end well for Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) in Coronation Street. 

Still, better to be whacked in the slammer, blown up or leave viewers blubbing over your death than being instantly forgotten. 

Let’s have a look at who is leaving and when. And most importantly how. Who gets a happy ending, who departs amid drama and who will never be seen again? 

Mick Carter – EastEnders

Pipe my eye, I can’t quite imagine a Walford without Mick Carter – but this is the hand we have been dealt. 

Later in autumn, Mick will bow out and it has been confirmed that he will not be killed off. 

However, the episodes are promised to be epic. Mick is with Janine, who is at war with Linda so it is inevitable that an almighty clash will lead to Mick potentially telling them both to go and making his departure. 

But how serious will the final showdown be? I expect nothing but fireworks. 

Proper Bananarama ahead, folks.

Meena Jutla – Emmerdale

A character like Meena is never going to go out with a whimper, has she ever done things by halves? Or even wholes?

The serial killing minx is utterly nuts so it stands to reason that her exit will be too. There was a point where producers almost kept Meena on full time but honestly, no court could ever see her get away with this.

Or could they? Either way, Meena’s time is up – and this is going to be the trial of the century.

Imran Habeeb – Coronation Street

Well, I am personally pretty aggrieved at Charlie de Melo for daring to leave the show, but he is set to go out with a bang.

Producer Iain MacLeod promised huge twists that would knock us off our chairs – painful, but not as painful as losing Imran. 

Why do I feel like Imran will die? Well would he leave Toyah behind? His business? His child Alfie? 

Nah, I have a bad feeling about this but we can enjoy the drama for a fair while as this won’t play out until after the summer sunshine is coming to an end.

Luke Morgan – Hollyoaks

Luke’s condition is worsening and it’s no secret to us fans that he is going to pass away – that damn coffin put paid to any hopes that he might come through this. 

Emotional scenes are eventually going to see Luke bow out and it will air this year. Please can we all have our tissues at the ready?

Forget toilet roll shortages – get your Kleenex before the shelves are empty.

Emma Brooker – Coronation Street

Well, Emma has two choices. A happy ever after with Jon or a prison cell next to a rather nasty jailbird who wants to know if she has smuggled any smack in. 

The secret that Emma and Faye killed Jon’s grandfather Ted will be exposed as Faye wants to do the right thing – months after Emma wanted to come clean. 

Bit cheeky that. 

Jon will offer a new life abroad to Emma – until he learns what truly happened. Will the happy future be taken from the table and replaced with a one way ticket to Her Majesty’s pleasure? 

She’s been unlucky in love up until now. There is a small chance her fortunes could change and I am holding onto that with a tight grip.

Ian Beale – EastEnders

For the last year, we have been left on tenterhooks wondering whether Ian Beale is coming back to Walford. 

After Sharon decided to ruin the dishes Christmas Pudding and corner shop sauce jar based Carbonara by poisoning it, Ian fled into the night. 

It was meant to be temporary but now Adam Woodyatt has confirmed there are zero plans for a return. Zilch. 

So will it be addressed? Is there really no way back for the Beale?

Laura Neelan – Coronation Street

Laura has been a bit of a nightmare mum to Kelly but finally, she is about to do right by her. In fact, she has even confessed to killing her ex husband to ensure that Kelly has some digs and a support network from killer Gary and Maria. 

Kelly, however, is less keen to give her mum the time she wants as she gets more ill. 

As Laura passes away, the consequences will be emotional for Kelly. 

Though there must be a part of Gary that is thinking: ‘Phew!’

Now stop killing people, Gaz. You can’t get away with murder again.

Roxy and Kyle – Neighbours

Roxy and Kyle have been rocked by tragedy but now, the future could be bright for them as Roxy discovers that she is pregnant.

After everything they have been through, they are looking to the future and, amid happy news, they head off for a new life. 

And it seems that it might be the only happy exit in this list!

Nicky – Coronation Street

It’s been great having Nicky back – her sass and her indomitable pride in womanhood are a welcome shine. 

Annoyingly, it was confirmed to only be a temporary return – and I am hoping it won’t have the same ending as Laura’s stint.

At the moment, Nicky is winding Daisy right up as Daniel supports her and gets her back on her feet. 

Can we be prepared for a last, perfect battle before Nicky sets off again? 


Okay, okay. Too soon.

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