Death in Paradise actress pulled out of season one shortly after arriving in Caribbean

Death in Paradise stars Danny John-Jules and Ben Miller recently enjoyed reminiscing about their time on the show in a live Q&A with EM-Com, and revealed that an unnamed ‘leading lady’ was forced to pull out of the series in the early days of production. 

Speaking about the series of unfortunate events while filming season one, which included actress Sara Martins tearing her Achilles tendon and wearing a cast, along with and a series of hurricanes hitting the island, Danny pointed out that a ‘leading lady’ was “flown out in the middle of the series”. 

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Ben continued: “We had to fly her straight back. She arrived, then she had a bereavement in the family, and had to fly straight back.” Danny added: “Another actress had to learn the part on the plane on the way over. They had to rewrite a whole episode.” 

Ben played DI Richard Poole in the first two seasons

Ben played the island’s first detective, DI Richard Poole, and opened up about leaving the show after two seasons. At the time of his exit, he told Digital Spy: “During the second series, my son Sonny was starting school – your first year of school is so important – and I did think about him coming over here but I’m divorced from his mum, and it wasn’t very practical. 

Danny starred as Dwight in the popular crime show

“Then when I came back, I picked up my baby son Harrison and he started crying because he didn’t know who I was. My personal circumstances just made it too complicated, but I will miss it like a lung. I love it here.”

The series is now on its fourth detective, DI Neville Parker, who is played by Ralf Little. The BBC has already released a synopsis for season ten, which reads: “Neville soon realises he is existing in the Caribbean, rather than embracing life there. With Florence’s help, he determines to seize the day and finds himself starting to reveal some of his secrets – including of a romantic nature.”

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