Death in Paradise's Ben Miller admits watching his on-screen death was 'weird and disturbing' ahead of shock return

DEATH in Paradise's Ben Miller has admitted watching his on-screen death was 'weird and disturbing' ahead of his shock return.

The 54-year-old actor played DI Richard Poole in the hit BBC series from when it originally started to the start of series three, when he was killed off.

Richard was found dead after being stabbed in the chest with an ice pick.

Speaking to The Guardian, Ben was asked which TV death he thought was the saddest and he replied: "My own, when I was killed off as a detective in Death in Paradise.

"I was stabbed in the chest with an ice pick in a brutal murder at the start of season three.”

He continued: "Leaving a show is always emotional, and then you have to hang around the set like a ghost while people avoid catching your eye.

"Watching the episode at home, though, was weird and disturbing. It’s not pleasant to watch yourself being killed and lying dead on the ground."

Despite his death, Ben is making a shock return to the show in season 10.

Speaking about it on Steph's Packed Lunch last week, Ben joked: "It’s really simple, I’m coming back as a zombie. And the ice pick that killed me is still going to be embedded in my heart, just to remind everyone of how I died!"

He continued: "In all seriousness, I loved the script they wrote, I think it’s a really clever way of bringing my character Richard Poole back.

"I can’t give away exactly how they do it but you won’t be disappointed, it’s very sensitively cleverly done and it is me!"

While actual details of his return are being kept under wraps, Ben is excited for his return alongside Ralf Little, who plays DI Neville Parker.

The season 10 air date has been confirmed as Thursday, January 7, 2021.

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