Disenchantment season 2: Release date, cast, spoilers and everything you need to know

Warning: Contains spoilers for Disenchantment season 1.

Even though Matt Groening’s first Netflix production Disenchantment wasn’t a hit with the critics, we will still be getting a second season of the animated fantasy sitcom.

When Netflix announced the show, they ordered 20 episodes and the first batch of 10 episodes arrived on August 17, 2018 as “Part 1”. But now that we’ve been introduced to hard-drinking princess Bean, her elf companion Elfo and her personal demon Luci, what’s next for the trio?

Here’s everything we know so far about season 2 – or Part 2, if that’s what you prefer to call it.

Disenchantment season 2 release date: When can we expect it?

Usually we’d say that you can expect the second season to arrive at a similar time the following year, so that would be August 2019.

However, since 20 episodes were commissioned straightaway, there’s a chance that they’ve been working on them all simultaneously. That means we could get season two earlier, potentially sometime at the start of 2019, but nothing has been confirmed either way.

Disenchantment season 2 cast: Who’s coming back?

With pretty much all of Dreamland turned to stone in the season one finale, the only guaranteed returns of the main cast are Abbi Jacobson as Bean, Eric Andre as Luci, John DiMaggio as Bean’s father King Zøg, Tress MacNeille as Bean’s stepmother Queen Oona and Sharon Horgan as Bean’s mother Queen Dagmar.

Technically, Nat Faxon might not be back as Elfo given that he was killed off in the penultimate episode of the first season. We’d be surprised if he wasn’t brought back to life somehow in season two though, especially as the post-credits scene of the finale saw his lifeless body dragged away by unseen figures.

We’ll have to wait and see if Billy West and Maurice LaMarche will be back as Sorcerio and Odval, given that they were both turned to stone, although both actors also voice multiple minor roles as well.

Hopefully we haven’t heard the last of Matt Berry as Prince Merkimer (who was turned into a pig in the second episode and is also, presumably, currently a stone statue).

Disenchantment season 2 spoilers: How does season 1 set it up?

Alongside Elfo’s death, the big reveal of season one was that Bean’s mother Queen Dagmar wasn’t dead, but had been turned to stone, leaving Bean with the choice of reviving Elfo or her mother with the elixir of life.

Bean chose her mother and, initially, it’s thought that Queen Dagmar inadvertently drunk poison intended for King Zøg after Bean switched the glasses, turning her to stone. However, it was actually Queen Dagmar who was attempting to poison King Zøg – for reasons as yet unclear.

She then goes on to poison the whole of Dreamland in the finale, before taking Bean to a boat filled with all sorts of creatures.

Apparently, Bean’s “destiny” is part of a “dark battle of a hundred centuries” and it appears that she has some sort of magical powers. Could that be why the mysterious people watching Bean sent her Luci as a wedding gift? Or are they just after the elixir of life that brought Bean’s mother back from stone?

But it’s not just Bean’s destiny that’s a mystery waiting to be solved in season two. Before his death, Elfo discovered that he wasn’t actually an elf, but a half-elf. His father Pops the Elf was about to reveal the truth, only for Dreamland to attack Elfwood. His mother’s identity wasn’t uncovered.

The other big mystery left hanging by the finale was who kidnapped Luci before Queen Dagmar turned Dreamland to stone. It’s likely to be the exorcist Big Joe, who tried twice through the season to kill Luci – even though the last time we saw him, he was buried alive under sand.

Disenchantment is now available to watch on Netflix.

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