Doctor Who cast hint at series 11's "family" story arc: "It starts off as a bit of chaos"

With spoiler security tighter than ever on Doctor Who, fans don’t know a huge amount about what to expect from the next series, its fresh-faced Doctor and her new best friends.

But, speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, cast members Tosin Cole (who plays Ryan) and Mandip Gill (Yaz) revealed a little of how we’ll see both characters develop across the 10 episodes.

“It starts off as a bit of chaos,” Cole said of the TARDIS team dynamic, which also includes Bradley Walsh’s character Graham. “It’s all over the place… and then we just kind of gel. There’s more of an understanding of each other and [a sense of] knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.”

While Ryan “challenges the Doctor from time to time”, Gill revealed that Yaz is “completely in awe” of Jodie Whittaker’s Time Lord. “We all see the Doctor in a different light. I think that’s what’s very interesting. We don’t all believe what she says is gospel. My character does, but not everyone. You have people questioning her.”

But while she might be the Doctor’s staunchest ally, it takes Yaz a little while to fully accept the TARDIS as her new home.

“It feels like a family by the end of it,” Gill explains. “For my character, there’s times where she wants to go home and make sure everything’s okay. But I feel like by the end of it, while she knows it’s always an option to go home, this is kind of her new family.”

At San Diego Comic-Con last month, Jodie Whittaker also spoke about the “brilliant dynamic” between Doctor Who‘s fab four. “You’ve got these three youthful – I’m counting myself in that! – energised characters… and Graham (Walsh) is certainly the most cautious of the characters. He’d love a chair in every scene. And probably a sandwich!”

It’s all change for Doctor Who next series – not only does the series have an all-new cast and a new showrunner in Chris Chibnall, the series is also ditching old monsters like the Daleks in favour of new threats, while two-part stories have been abandoned in favour of 10 standalone stories.

Doctor Who will return to BBC One this autumn.

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