Dog the Bounty Hunter’s tattoo model daughter-in-law Jamie Chapman shows off weight loss in bra and leggings at the gym – The Sun

DOG the Bounty Hunter's tattoo covered daughter-in-law Jamie Chapman showed off her weight loss in a bra and leggings at the gym.

The model shared a mirror selfie on her Instagram Story, which had her posing with a hand on her hip.

Jamie shared another photo of a scale that was accompanied with the text: "This statue offends me. I want it removed."

An additional photo on her Instagram Story included a text post that read: "Sis is drinking water. Sis is eating healthy. Sis is taking care of her skin. Sis is reading her books. Sis is doing her work + healing herself.

"Sis is practicing self-love + self-car. Sis is closer to God. Sis is walking in purpose.

"Sis is me. I am sis."

The model, who's married to Dog's son Leland, previously shared a photo of herself stretching at the gym while sporting a sports bra and leggings.

Jamie, 32, is no stranger to flaunting her body on social media and often shows photos of her posing in revealing outfits.

She previously joined the rest of her husband's family in remembering Dog's wife Beth a year after her tragic death from stage four cancer.

The Sun was granted special access to the commemorative event in Hawaii, in which Dog – real name Duane Chapman – filled one of Beth's inflatable rafts with her favorite flowers, belongings and her photo.

He took the raft to one of her favorite beauty spot and set it free to float down the river.

Dog recently spoke about the passing of Beth when he appeared on the Facebook Live show Faith with Katie.

The 67-year-old recalled the shock of his wife's death, explaining: "There was no planning. There was no, 'You're gonna die,' Let’s plan it. So what do I get? Where did you put the watch? There was none of that."

Dog told his wife: "Beth, I do not want to hear about death. You're not gonna die. You are not gonna die."

The reality TV star also opened up about his final moments with Beth when the doctors brought her out of her coma.

He said: "She would not look at me because all of a sudden she knew I had given up and I was her last hope."

While he is still mourning the loss of Beth, Dog has moved on with new fiancé Francie Frane, 51.

The couple began dating earlier this year before he proposed in Colorado in May.

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