Donald Trump and Tom Cruise face Fallout over UK visit clash next month

DONALD TRUMP and Tom Cruise had a friendly relationship during their years in the entertainment industry.

But it seems the US President and movie megastar might finally clash over the timings of their visits to the UK next month.

Cruise is scheduled to attend the London premiere of his new Mission Impossible blockbuster Fallout on July 13.

That clashes with Trump’s three-day planned visit, which begins on July 12.

Film sources tell me there was concern from US aides about the potential clash, which is already going to test the police.

Mission Impossible  bosses were encouraged to change the date but have declined at this point.

Trump famously isn’t keen on sharing the spotlight and he definitely rates the talents of Cruise.

Back in 2012, as a civilian, he tweeted: “I don’t care what people say, I like Tom Cruise. He works his ass off and never ever quits. He’s one of the few true movie stars.”

But last September at a military event, Trump appeared to turn ever so slightly against him.

He told the crowd: “I just met a lot of these folks and they’re better looking than Tom Cruise. And we know they can fight better and we know they can fly better, they better be able to. Great people.”

Let the battle for column inches commence.


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