Dorinda Medley and Luann de Lesspes Haven't Spoken in 5 Months: Inside Their RHONY Feud

They’ve known each other for well over a decade. But it looks like Luann de Lesseps and Dorinda Medley‘s friendship has hit tough times.

The two Real Housewives of New York City stars haven’t spoken in five months, it was revealed on Wednesday during the Bravo show’s 10th season finale.

Both butted heads a few times during the season, including a blowout fight they had in Cartagena, Colombia, which began when a newly sober de Lesseps questioned Medley’s drinking. Later, de Lesseps said Medley wasn’t being honest with herself about her dependency on alcohol and had a “drinking problem” — allegations Medley has denied.

Though they made up after that, de Lesseps appeared to be holding a bit of a grudge. And when it came time for her Countess and Friends cabaret show, she conveniently didn’t have a ticket for Medley’s boyfriend of six years, John Mahdessian.

That left Medley hurt, especially because she had helped de Lesseps get free performance outfits from designer Jovani worth “thousands and thousands of dollars” for her cabaret.

“It would have been a nice gesture and it would have been nice to go to the after party with him,” Medley explained to Tinsley Mortimer, recounting her text exchange and phone call with de Lesseps. “I did call Luann and she was like, ‘You should have asked me months ago.’ She’s like, ‘If you really wanted him to come, you should have bought a ticket. … Not my problem. It’s my big night. Break a leg would have been a better message. You should have asked sooner if you wanted him to attend.’ ”

“After our interaction in Cartagena, I guess this is her way of punishing me,” Medley added. “By the way, John’s been very nice to Luann in many situations. So I’m surprised that she’s going to decide that he’s not invited. It’s rude. Especially when you’re as good friends as I thought we were.”

If she was hurt then, one can only imagine how upset Medley got when Mortimer revealed that de Lesseps had invited her boyfriend, Scott Kluth, hours after talking to Medley.

Turns out, de Lesseps felt Medley was going to bring Mahdessian anyway and was trying to make sure Mortimer didn’t felt left out. But she never communicated that to Medley. And by doing that, she only angered Medley more.

“She never said to me, ‘It’s not a problem that John can come,’ ” Medley said. “If there were any inclination that he could come, it’s murky at best.”

“She knows Scot for nothing. I’m her friend for 15 years.,” Medley added while venting to Bethenny Frankel later, at the concert’s afterparty. “Be appreciative of what you do for people. Don’t treat me like this when I want to have my boyfriend here. Do the right thing by me, too. It’s doing a favor and being kind in response. I’d be much better if my boyfriend were here. I’d stay longer, I would have had more fun. And it meant nothing for her.”

Meanwhile, de Lesseps was annoyed that Medley was bothering her with any of this drama on the day of her cabaret.

“It’s the day of my f—ing show. Why didn’t [she] ask me beforehand?” de Lesseps explained to audiences. “I was like, f— you. Are you kidding me? I’m going on stage tonight, you’re going to bother me with this s—. Bring John, I don’t give a s—.”

“Nobody’s ruining my night tonight,” she later told Frankel. “[Dorinda’s] not ruining my night tonight, John’s not ruining my night — nobody’s ruining my night. She ruined her own night!”

When Medley and de Lesseps finally came face to face about it, Medley was not interested in fighting. Instead she congratulated her with a heavy dose of sarcasm and walked away.

“Congratulations you did an amazing job tonight, I’m so proud of you,” she told de Lesseps. “I don’t want to even talk about it. You look beautiful. Thank you so much for having me. And thank you so much for inviting Scott last minute.”

“I listen to you but I don’t listen to you,” she added. “I’ve been a friend for you for a long time. I’m not listening to you lecture me tonight. Thank you for inviting Scott. I’m good. Thank you so much for having me. You look gorgeous tonight. Congratulations my darling. You did a great job. Fantastic. Thumbs up.”

She then left, telling audiences, “I don’t care about our friendship right now because I think I’ve made a really concerted effort to do the right thing. But if this is where it is and she thinks it’s cute, have at it.”

De Lesseps was equally done. “I’m so disappointed,” she said. “Really, girlfriend? I thought you would be so happy for me. After what I’ve been through? Beyond. It’s very sad.”

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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