Eamonn Holmes red-faced after Ruth exposes his ‘secret online dating’ in shock moment

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Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford welcomed the author of Be Careful What You Swipe For, Jemma Forte, to This Morning to discuss lockdown dating and her advice for those over 40 navigating a new romance. When Jemma revealed an incident which she endured during a recent date, Ruth joked about the man in question being Eamonn after sharing similarities to the other gentleman. 

Eamonn asked Jemma outright: “You’re quite no-nonsense, you are quite direct. Would you be happy enough to say ‘Look, you are a nice person, but we are not a match?’

Ruth chipped in: “You would say that quite early on because you might let someone down that’s perfectly nice.”

Jemma nodded and immediately replied: “This is where again if you are not in a very good headspace then online dating can be a rather difficult experience because you are going to match with people and then message and then they’ll go away. 

“This happens to everybody and you are going to meet some people and never hear from them again. I personally think these things are bad manners. 


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“I am quite confident and straight forward but my policy with being straightforward with people seems to be working.”

Later in the conversation, Jemma said: “I matched with someone a while back and he was really, really lovely and he ticked all the boxes. 

“But then when we got to the date he was discussing the merits of astroturf vs. lawn and at that point -”

Ruth interrupted: “That sounds like my husband. You didn’t go on a date with Eamonn did you?”

Ruth turned to Eamonn and joked: “Is that you? Are you secretly dating?”

Eamonn quietly laughed off: “I’d love to talk about astroturf.”

“Eamonn would love to have a conversation with you about astroturf,” Ruth reiterated to their guest. 

Jemma added: “This is the thing, loads of people would and he was a really nice guy and actually I thought maybe we could go to dinner. 

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“But I sent him a message that afternoon and I said ‘Can I just say you were so lovely and you are going to make someone else really happy. And my mum will kill me for this but I don’t think we are a match’.

“And he wrote back and said how nice it was to have some honesty and receive a text saying that. 

Eamonn chipped in: “But also, you’re good because you believe that after you have had a date, you would literally text and say when you got home ‘Well, how do you think that went?'”

Jemma added: “I actually think some people find it a bit weird and just say that I am “confident”.


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“I don’t know I think it comes with age, I don’t think I would have done that in my 20s or 30s but I’m 46 now and I love the fact I am older. 

“I care less in a good way, I care less about the silly things and more about the important things. 

“So, if someone comes to meet me and they want to know how it went, I’ll tell them.”

Ruth added: “Yes, and if you want to let them down gently you say ‘I just don’t think we are a match.'”

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