Lately a recurring thought has started to pop into my head whenever I’m watching Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford bickering and ripping into each other on TV.

What if it’s not just an act for the cameras? What if they actually loathe each other in real life?

I then begin to imagine that when they get home they treat each other like Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas in one of my favourite movies, The War Of The Roses.

I’ve even got as far as wondering whether ITV Daytime would be interested in persuading Eamonn and Ruth to do a remake – perhaps with Judge Rinder taking Danny Devito’s divorce lawyer role.

Obviously I’m barking up the wrong tree – they’re clearly doing it to spice up the dull moments during the This Morning phone-ins.

I’m afraid there were one or two dull interludes as the couple returned to Channel 5 for another run of How The Other Half Lives tonight.

Given that I usually enjoy this show immensely, I’m putting that squarely down to the subject matter – how the super-rich and famous stay looking young and glamorous.

I feel like I’ve watched so many programmes about the latest Harley St cosmetic surgery techniques I could probably knock up a certificate, bulk buy some Botox and open a drop-in clinic there myself.

As ever, Eamonn was game for a laugh – not least when he allowed a celebrity make-up artist to work her contouring magic in a bid to give him a discernible jawline.

He ended up looking like a cross between a touched-up David Hasselhoff publicity photo and Kryten the mechanoid from Red Dwarf.

It might not have been the look he was going for, but it was certainly a look.

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