EastEnders fans fume as camera work distracts from Rainie’s baby heartbreak

EastEnders viewers were left felling "sea sick" during Friday's visit to Albert Square as Rainie Cross (Tanya Franks) shared her heartbreaking baby news with husband Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ).

Rainie learned the tragic truth about her unborn child on Thursday after being involved in the horrifying collision.

An excited Stuart introduced his wife to an hypnobirthing app, but it soon ended in a major accident.

Rainie was listening to her app as she stepped into the road and was hit by Keegan Baker (Zack Morris) on his moped.

Later, at the hospital, Rainie expressed her fears to the doctor that she may have lost the baby in the collision, but a scan soon revealed that there never was a baby.

A devastated Rainie told Stuart about her phantom pregnancy on Friday and packed her bags as she tried to flee Walford.

As Rainie poured her heart to Stuart and told him he deserved better, viewers at home were distracted by the "shaky" camera work.

Taking to Twitter, one fan moaned: "Either I'm still drink from last night or is this camera is wobbling about like mad?"

Another added: "Is it just me or is some of the camera work on Eastenders really shaky? Making me feel seasick with the constant wobbles."

A third person ranted: "What's up with the camera work tonight?"

While a fourth said: "What's with the shaky camera for Stuart and Rainie? It is making me sea sick."

A fifth viewer posted: "I can’t get on board with this camera work tbh."

"Camera man bit shaky on tonight’s episode," said a sixth fan.

Rainie and Stuart ended up back in each others arms at the end of the episode and enjoyed some questionable ice cream and ketchup on the sofa together.

Viewers know that Rainie and Stuart have been sky-high ever since their wedding day back in September when Rainie announced she was pregnant.

Fans will have to wait and see if the pair get their happy ending.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 8.05pm

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