EastEnders fans heartbroken over Callum Highway and Ben Mitchell ‘split’ fears

EastEnders viewers were left heartbroken for Callum Highway over his fears Ben will break up with him amid the robbery plot.

Callum recently discovered it was Ian Beale who tipped police off to the robbery involving Ben and Phil Mitchell.

He's been under huge pressure to bring Phil in himself, as his boss DI Steve Thompson is on his case.

Callum was opening up to his brother Stuart about the ordeal, and revealed he's scared Ben will break up with him if he turns them in.

Viewers were gutted for Callum as he's terrified of losing his boyfriend.

One said: "'I'm gonna lose everything. My job, my boyfriend.' Oh Callum", with two sad faces.

While another penned: "Callum is so worried about losing everything".

A third added: "Poor Callum, thinking he's gonna lose everything. Stuart is being lovely to him! You won't lose Ben Callum!"

DI Thompson has given Callum an ultimatum that he has two weeks to turn Phil in, or Ben will be the one who gets arrested for the insurance company car theft.

It's been revealed that next week, Ian will be left for dead on the Queen Vic floor.

The culprit of the attack will remain a mystery, and it looks like there will be an array of suspects as Ian has made a number of enemies around Albert Square.

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