EastEnders films ‘emergency’ scene to celebrate the birth of the royal baby

Making it clear that the scenes were shot specifically for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s little prince, the Linda Carter spoke about the baby’s weight to an unenthused Mick and Shirley.

She said: “8lb 7oz, that really is a healthy weight, isn’t it? If he’s got his daddy’s smile and mummy’s hair he’ll be perfect!

“Makes me wanna cry! Diana, a grandma again, all that joy she’s missing out on.”

However the royal hairlines and Di were all to much for Shirley.

She snapped: “Linda why are you talking to me about this, I don’t care?”

“You’re the only one here”, responded Linda as Shirley called for Mick and told him to “stand here and see what happens.”

And as Linda started to talk about the prince’s “healthy weight” again, Mick looked deflated and rolled his eyes.

Meanwhile the viewers loved the reference.

One joked: “Emergency royal baby reshoot ?keeping it topical #EastEnders”

Another added: “Of course Linda would mention the Royal Baby? #RoyalBaby #EastEnders”

One impressed tweeter wrote: “I’ll say this for #EastEnders – they’re quick off the mark…”

While a fourth said: “Shirley is a good few of us on here when it comes to the #RoyalBaby #EastEnders”

This isn’t the first time the soap has kept up with the royals, as they managed to chisel in a scene to reference Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement the same day it happened.

Shakil Kazemi was seen glued to his phone at the reports of the engagement.

Walking into the cafe he ordered a drink only for Kathy to question what was so important that he had to stare at his phone so long.

"Nothing much," he answered. "Just some prince bloke marrying some actress."

And before he could say anything else, Kathy grabbed his phone and turned into a one woman Royal family tribute act, thrilled at the news.

"What Harry and Meghan?" she said.

"Nothing much, you kids," she added before keeping Shakil's phone so she could keep up with all the latest news on Harry and Meghan's wedding.

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