EastEnders’ Linda Carter star addresses future on BBC soap

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Actress Kellie Bright has addressed what might become of her character after popular landlord Mick says goodbye to EastEnders this Christmas. Nine years after they arrived together with their family, many of the Carters have now bid farewell to Walford, but Kellie explained she is “happy to stay” on the BBC soap and teased what might happen to her character.

This year’s explosive Christmas drama is set to revolve around Mick and his exit.

Mick and Linda were once the stable and beloved couple who ran The Vic, but the last couple of years have seen their marriage fall apart for good.

Now Mick is with manipulative Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) it was only a matter of time before disaster struck.

Despite most of the Carter clan having moved on in the last few years, it seems Linda will be staying put once Mick has also left.

The actress revealed: “I don’t think I’m done yet. I’ve always said while I’m happy and I’m enjoying the work – the work matters to me, I’m not someone who just turns up – I’m not that sort of person.”

Speaking to The Mirror, she continued: “I’ve honestly had such a good time with it and I’m hoping that will continue and as long as it does I’m really happy to stay there.

“I really care about the show and when it’s good it’s really good.

“It’s totally getting its rhythm back and I have complete faith in Chris Clenshaw.”

She went on to detail how she thinks Linda will cope with Mick permanently gone.

“We’ve only just finished filming Christmas, so I’ve only just finished working with him, so at the moment it doesn’t feel that unusual because obviously we weren’t together all the time anyway,” she told the publication.

“I still speak to him most days! So it doesn’t feel too bad at the moment but it will obviously be different.

“I’m quite excited about what it might be like for Linda now.

“Obviously she’s going to be sad for a little while because she’s there without him but it’s like having a blank canvas, this new chapter for her, and I honestly don’t know what they’ve got in store for her.”

It was announced at the start of the year Danny would be leaving his character behind after almost a decade as Mick.

An EastEnders spokesperson confirmed to Express.co.uk at the time: “Danny will be leaving EastEnders when his contract comes to an end later this year.

“Danny has made Mick Carter an iconic character which we shall always be grateful for, however we won’t be saying goodbye just yet as there’s still quite some time – and plenty of explosive drama for Mick – to come before he departs Walford.”

A friend close to the star has made it clear he is “incredibly grateful” to EastEnders for the opportunities the show gave him.

They said: “Danny loves EastEnders but as an actor he feels the time is right to explore other roles.

“He’s incredibly grateful to the show and the opportunities it has given him and it wasn’t a decision he took lightly.

“But, after playing Mick for nearly nine years he feels it’s time to give the character of Mick a rest.”

EastEnders continues on Tuesday at 7.30pm on BBC Two.

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