EastEnders relax social distancing rules for Mick and Katy’s showdown

EastEnders has blown us all away with its innovative filming techniques to produce episodes within social distancing guidelines, but it’s now been able to relax the rules while filming upcoming scenes involving Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) and Katy Lewis (Simone Lahbib).

Mick has been consumed by the overwhelming emotions he has felt since coming face to face with his abuser Katy.

While it was confirmed that during the New Year’s Eve episode, Mick will contemplate suicide after feeling he has no one to turn to, it’s during these upcoming scenes with Mick and Katy that the actors were able to flex the social distancing measures.

According to Danny, he and Simone were able to film in a close cohort while still making sure everyone was safe amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Danny Dyer explained: ‘I think the big scene where Mick finally confronts Katy, it needed to be filmed that way so we could organically make it work, instead of the technicalities that come with filming socially distanced.’

He continued, adding how important it was to allow himself and Simone to film closer together: ‘It was important that we did those big scenes, and we were able to really get in each other’s faces.

‘Mick really needs to express himself about what he’s been going through. It’s really interesting to see Katy’s reaction, she sort of gets off on it – it’s like she likes Mick’s pain which I think was really clever to show just how nasty the character is.’

It is understood that Danny has filmed two scenes separately, one with Simone and one with Kellie Bright in close contact, keeping all other safety precautions amongst crew purely so that they could be closer than the usual two-metre social rule for those two scenes.

Danny added, as per Digital Spy, of his aim of the scene: ‘I just hope that it shines a light on suicide [or suicidal feelings] – especially in men, who we know are at greater risk.

‘I think men who, through time, haven’t been known for really talking about feelings and expressing ourselves, which we know can make problems worse. It’s so important to do that now – it’s vital.’

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