Emmerdale fans rejoice as 'freeloader' Kerry Wyatt is finally kicked out by Amelia Spencer

Kerry Wyatt was left devastated in tonight's episode of Emmerdale, as she was kicked out of Dan and Amelia's home.

But fans of the show were practically giddy with joy as the young girl told her dad’s ex girlfriend to get out of their home.

Amelia had been shocked to see Kerry snogging hunky doctor Joel in the woods as she and dad Dan looked for wildlife.

After confronting her dad’s former fiance the little girl made it clear she no longer wanted Kerry in the same house as her. And Emmerdale fans were thrilled.

One tweeted: "Kerry is such a freeloader"

While one wrote: “Yes Amelia! I like the fact that she is not standing for Kerry's bullsh*t. Kerry got caught slippin' differently and thought she could still live with her and Dan? She's even more stupid than she looks! About damn time Dan grew a backbone.”

Another added: “#emmerdale Yesssss! At last Emilia and Dan have kicked freeloading user Kerry out. Is she for real?: "We haven't worked out where I'm going to go yet." Nobody cares Kerry. That's YOUR problem. Get lost!”

Heartbroken Kerry was shocked by Amelia’s reaction as she pleaded with Dan to let her stay in the house.

Trying to reason with Amelia, she asked her where she would go if they kicked her out.

To which the sassy schoolgirl replied: “I’m sure your new boyfriend will have ya, he didn’t look too fussy.”

One gleeful viewer tweeted: “Yeah you heard her Kerry, get out and dont come back!”

Kerry and Dan then finally came clean that they had split up a few weeks ago and were just pretending to be together until the summer holidays.

Like everyone else in the village, Amelia had no idea that Dan and Kerry were having issues in their relationship.

Kerry had previously accepted Dan's marriage proposal in The Woolpack. She then later told him there was no way they were getting engaged, before breaking up with him in private.

After Kerry and Dan finally told Amelia the truth, the schoolgirl was left distraught. She was upset that she was lied to, but she saved the majority of her anger for Kerry, telling her she doesn't want her living with them anymore.

Kerry was left shocked by Amelia's decision, having nowhere else to go. However, Amelia insisted that she leave and wanted her out of the house immediately.

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