Emmerdale reveals how Rebecca escaped in creepy flashbacks but fans are divided

Emmerdale has finally reveals how Rebecca White escaped and got back to the village.

Using creepy flashbacks of her time as a hostage, Rebecca explained to her friends and the police the ordeal she went through.

The episode started with Rebecca having a nightmare of evil Lachlan strangling her.

Viewers originally didn’t get to see what happened afterwards, but the flashback showed her nephew eventually let go just before she would have died.

Rebecca said: "He toyed with suffocating me but luckily he didn’t have the guts. Like the last remaining crumbs of humanity couldn’t do it."

She then started going on about sinister nurse Mrs Sykes, who was keeping her hostage while Lachlan was arrested.

Rebecca explained to the detectives that Lachlan moved her to a house with Sykes.

"He drove me there and played a blinder with her," said Rebecca.

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Another flashback showed Lachlan carrying Rebecca into the room as she desperately thrashed around.

He claimed she was delusional and was trying to hurt herself so needed medication and tying down.

Back in normal time, furious Rebecca smashed a glass against the wall as she remember fearing she would never escape.

Her mind then started playing tricks on her as Rebecca began seeing Robert as Lachlan.

She then saw Lachlan’s walking round the hospital as she became more delirious.

In the final flashback, Rebecca was left at the side of a road near the village.

Mrs Sykes, who feared she would be blamed for kidnapping her, told Rebecca not to tell the police.

She then drove off into the distance as Rebecca stumbled back towards Emmerdale.

Mrs Sykes may have escaped, but Lachlan didn’t and was led away to a dark cell.

Emmerdale fans were divided over the flashbacks – with some claiming they were "ridiculous".

Taking to Twitter , one viewer said: "Even with the flashbacks this storyline is still ridiculous and unrealistic"

Another added: "I appreciate the flashbacks explaining everything but it’s still absolute b******s"

However, some found them very informative.

One fan said: "I am loving these flashbacks to Rebecca/Lachlan explains all of the gaps and what we didn’t know"

Another agreed: "Oh.. I like these flashbacks.. explains the story a bit more"

*Emmerdale continues on Thursday night on ITV at 7pm

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